Monday, August 21, 2017

I will follow you, follow you into the light.

But don't look at the sun before the full effect of the eclipse happens TODAY AT 1:28 PM!!!!!!! Super stoked for it. Let's just say I have 2 pair of solar glasses so I'll be rockin them all day long. 

It's the last week of the transfer. This transfer FLEW by. Definitely the fastest of my mission. I know I said that last transfer but this one was even faster. It makes me think of how much more time I have on my mission. Which isn't a whole lot. I feel bad for the sisters I came out with. They go home in 2 transfers... That's crazy... 

This week was FULL of exchanges, exhaustion, and excellent tracting (AKA mowing) Our mission as been so much fun. We are coming up with random names for things. Tracting is called mowing the lawn. In the area book app "Finding" is green. Therefore. When we go find. We mow. Mow all the day long. 

Also. Our APs are health nuts and work out for about an hour every morning. They drink a ton of protein and eat a ton for chicken and other items with "tein" in them. They advise us in emails, to eat our protein and work on our muscles so we can become big like Elder Maxwell (An AP) Let's just say, we don't have a gym like them so I can't become big like Elder Maxwell... 😢 

Also. We quote nacho Libre all the time. We scream "How did you find me?-Nacho we can see you from the village!----HOLA NACHO!!" Or "Hey hey, take it easy..." Or "I have had the diareas since Easters...."  

Let's just say we have a great time. Anyway, there wasn't a whole lot to report on for the week. We found this lady named Darlene. She is a little off her rocker. We are pretty sure she is Schizophrenic... She lives alone, she is always looking through her windows so whenever we pull up the driveway she opens up the door. Earlier this week when we walked up to the door and she knocked on the door from the inside... 😂😂😂 Yeah. She is nuts. 

We had zone conference this week and it was LIT!!!! So we had something called a zone council after all the trainings were done. As a zone we talk with each other about all the baptismal dates. We had a goal to baptize 7 this transfer and we were at 6 with a total of 5 more on date for the rest of the month. So we discussed raising the goal. One of the sisters suggested, kindof sarcastically, 15! So I said... Ummm thank you for being optimistic but 15 is quite the number! So we started at 11 having a goal to baptize the rest of the dates, but then we  asked, who could be baptized this month. Let's just say that as we talked we found 4 more people that could potentially be baptized by the end of the month. So thus we have the goal of 15. That was legit!

That's about it for the week! I hope all is going well where ever all yall are at. I hope you're finding ways to share the gospel. Please do it. It'll change your life. 

Love yall! 

Crazy storm came by this week. Yes. That is lightning down the middle. 

Crazy tri-Zone conference. 


Throw back to MoFord!! Minus Elder Mathews.... 

Monday, August 14, 2017

If I go there's just no telling how far I'll go

I am so excited this week for a few different reasons. One of the being th the Chris leaves on his mission. Chris I'm so proud of you. I hope you don't just go on a mission. Become a missionary. Work hard and you will find happiness. Any missionary can attest to that. Make sure to talk to everyone, it's really hard but the sooner on your mission you learn how to do it, the easier it will be. 

The other reason why I'm excited for this week is we are getting fed every day this week! I've come to love food so much more. Mom I'm sorry I was such a picky eater. I eat just about everything now. Just thinking about it right now I'm getting hungry. 

This past week we knocked on a lot of doors. We are tracting so much. Talking to so many people. We haven't been able to find as many people as we did last week but that's alright. 

One  of the ladies we talked to the other day was absolutely crazy. She invited us into her house, and she was absolutely insane. She just kept talking and talking. Talking about how she was gonna kill her Nephi, "but not really kill him just.. You know 👏" but she was really nice at the same time. She gave us water and told us that people didn't like talking to her Cuz she talked crazy. I don't know. She is crazy tho.... We will go see her again haha

So quick run down of the week. 

Monday-  PDay 

Tuesday-got addicted to Body Armor-exchanges with Fairview elders (Elder Ensign and Neuenschuander) try to say that name 5x fast haha

Wednesday-district meeting in Fairview with the STLs. We had an awesome with a recent converts family! Lexie Knutson got baptized last transfer and we are now teaching her mom named Ginger! She will probably get baptized in September. Hopefully! 

Thursday-service at a food bank and weeded a members yard.(Pro tip-- They call weed wackers "weed eaters" out here.--oh side note. Shopping carts are called buggies) We also had dinner at an awesome families home! They love out in the middle of the country. Super small humble home but they have about 5 acres of property, with horses, a barn, and some a few fields. Let's just say, dream house.

Friday-weekly planning. 

Saturday-ELDER QUIRINGS BDAY!!!!!! What a crazy day. Some awesome members fed us dinner last minute! The member who was supposed to feed us ended up having to cancel Cuz the kids got the flu so we asked this other family if they would feed us for his Bday.  The Neelys. They are awesome. Had some burgers and hotdogs. 

Sunday- Day of Rest--Or sometimes the busiest day of the week. Running around church trying to set up member lessons ect. You know the good stuff. 

Anyway guy I love my mission. I kinda got a kick on the butt today from a recently returned missionary. She gave a talk and I just kept thinking. Dang. I need to work harder. I want to become so much better than I am now. I know what I can accomplish. Now the question is how much can I get done with God's help? Oh also. Your desire to share the gospel is a direct correlation with your conversion to the gospel. So. If you think you are converted to the gospel. Are you sharing it? Or do you still need to become converted? And of course. Every time you share the gospel will not lead to someone changing their life. But. You can't hit the ball if you don't swing. 

Love yall,


Pretty cool barn we found. 

Me-Elder New-Elder Ensign-Elder Quiring. 

Look for the pizza man. Tracting at night.... Creepy. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

I would change a lot of things, startin with me...

So I love getting letters but I am terrible at responding to them. I used to be good but now I just forget. Throughout my mission I have gotten letters from various primary classes. I still hold onto them and I look at them all the time. So just know that If I haven't responded it doesn't mean that I don't care! It just means that I'm crazy busy all the time! But thank you and I love all yall who have sent them! I also love those who haven't.......


Chris and Travis got Baptized!!! Their baptism was on Wednesday. It was such a great experience for them. They were so happy the whole time. I absolutely love these kids. Chris is so funny and Travis is super shy but SUPER smart. I feel that he has almost retained everything we have taught him but is just too shy or embarrassed to answer some questions we ask him. I'm so excited for them to be able to continue to progress towards the priesthood and then the temple. Even their mom who has been less active for years is still coming to church. We want to get her to the temple to do baptisms with the kids soon! 

Okay. Lets just say that tracting isn't super effective here in this area. Even less than other areas that I've been in. But this past week we have Tracted our butts off and found 7 new investigators through tracting!!!!!!!!! I haven't had that since Clarksville!!!!! Elder Quiring and I would look at each other and say... Ummm did that just happen?? 😂😂Let's just say, I ain't complaining. But I'm actually starting to love to go out and tract now. Talking to people is such a game. Trying to figure out just what people need withing the first 3 seconds of that door opening. Let's just say that saying "We help people strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ" doesn't work. Elders and sisters serving missions. Use another tactic. Another approach. TAKE LUCK! And care! And... Yeah 

One of these new investigators is a BEAST. Literally, he is huge. Wanna know what's so cool about him? So first of all he played football for the Jacksonville jaguars. Then he played arena football. Now he is a bodyguard for..... John Rich from Lonestar and Big and Rich!! So cool!! We talked to him for about an hour on his doorstep. Super cool guy and we got his number and are gonna try to meet with him later this week.

Well that about all I got. I'm super excited for this next week Cuz we have a ton of return appointments that we need to work out! Lots of work to do here in Spring Hill!! 
I love my mission yall. It's the best one out. Sorry yall didn't get to come to Nashville Tennessee. Jk everyone says that. But this mission is perfect for me. Another mission is perfect for someone else. But mine is just a little better;) 👍🏼

Love yall! Have a great week! 


I found SARAH MITCHELL in a mormon message!!!!!!!! I was watching this and was like, oh it's the Laie temple..... SARAH!?!?!? I literally yelled that out. Haha 

Me, Chris, Travis, Elder Quiring--- The baptism was awesome. Don't worry. I got a haircut a few days later. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Wipe your head, shake it off, then you stand

I love this song. I heard this the other day. I just wanted to quote the song real quick to explain my week....
"On your knees you look up just like you've had enough, you get mad, you get strong, then you stand." 
Sometimes, this work is so hard you just want to give up. On my knees multiple times a day I ask Heavenly Father to help me just get through the day because sometimes I've had enough. I get mad. I get irritated that people literally hate us and do not want anything to do with us. But as I push through I get stronger. And stronger. One day I hope to be able to continue to stand as a witness of Christ at all times. 

Let's just say that it was a rough week. Being pushed out of your comfort zone  sucks. Something that has been pushed a lot recently is talking to absolutely everyone you see. I'm so terrible at it. Tracting? Sure! I'll do it! But someone who is working in their yard. Busy doing something. On a run? I'm terrible at it. But! I'm getting better. And that's what matters. So that has been super stressful. No growth in the comfort zone 

Wowza... Anyway it's been super fun working hard though because we have seen the blessings from it! Chris and Travis  are preparing to get baptized this next week. They are doing amazing and will continue to progress. They are a little immature but that's alright. When you 12 and 13, who isn't? Lets be honest. I wasn't. Heck I'm still not lol But it's been super cool to see how their prayers have changed. They used to be... non existing. Now they still stumble through them but they are praying! It's so great. 

We were over at their house last night and they gave us some soda to during and I had a Mountain Dew. After I finished it, I remembered why I stopped drinking Mountain Dew. I thought back to many moons ago. In a land far away. In Hawaii I wouldn't be able to sleep after I had drank a Mountain Dew. So I stopped drinking them. And last night? There I was. Laying there. 12:00? Not tired at all. Oops. Ehh it's pday tomorrow. In other words. PAR-Day! (Parday?--Partay?--Party? Ehh worth a shot, hopefully I shot par. 😂😂😂😅 man sometimes I annoy myself😂

Chris leaves for his mission soon. I hit 15 months this week. I'm realizing that I'm going to be an old missionary because in 3 months over half the mission will be less than 6 months old. Phew. That's nutz... Greenies. Can't live with em. Can't live without em. Whatcha gonna do? Nothin. Go serve the Lord i guess... 

Hope yall have a grand ol week! 

Love youins! 


Find the goober in this picture!! 

I got to ride this sick bike. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

I ain't as good as I wanna get, but I'm better than I used to be.

Ain't that the true Timmy. 

First of all I want all y'all to know. I'm tired. Let's just say that when I get home, a grand ol nap is in order. But I'm not home so back to missionary work. 
Phew, almost fell asleep lol Anyway,
This week some work was put in. Elder Quiring got here on Tuesday and he is a stud. He is from Utah. Wherever Lone Peak High school is. That's where he went. Cedar Hills I think is where he is from. But we have been out here in the hot sun knockin on doors till our knuckles bleed. One of the doors that I knocked on was soooo hot that it hurt to touch. No one answered so... Yah. But some cool stuff is going down. 

First of all, Chris Travis and Sarah, all less active/unbaptized members came to church? This week we set Chris and Travis on date for August 2nd!!! We had such a great lesson with them on Friday. We asked them if they needed a ride to church and they said nope their mom would take them! So we had the whole family at church! They haven't been to church since like 2009. Super exciting for them as they prepare for the baptism of Chris and Travis. Sarah and their mom are already members so they just need to get active again. Once again the youth in the ward are coming in clutch in helping them feel loved and welcomed. Sarah was able to go to youth night on Tuesday with some of the other young woman.  She loved it. We had a lesson with the them yesterday and it was once again fantastic. 

Don't have a whole lot else to talk about. Not exactly sure where this week went. Oh I did get a cool new bag! The missionary who went home last week gave me his bag. It's one of those tactical shoulder bags? I'll send a picture of it but on Wednesday we went to Lawrenceburg for a district meeting and we went to an army surplus store and I bought some patches to go on the bag. They are legit. One says "God's army." It's pretty sweet if I do say so myself. 

Read the book of Mormon this week. A page a day. It will change your life. I promise. 

Love youins,

Bye Elder Overfield 

  Bag, Patches, and sweet 101st airborne sticker--That is the unit that is at the army base in Clarksville. 


      Elder Jessop said, "My son's, who I am well pleased" He might get stuck by lightning for that one. 

Elder Quiring sweat stained his tie. Let's just say, it was FLIPPING HOT

Monday, July 17, 2017

Was in a Rob Thomas mood today as I write this but oh my goodness this week was LEGIT!! 

So let me take you back to biblical times--Thursday of last week... (Respond to this if you got that reference) So since Elder Overfield has been here he has had 5 baptisms. Two of them got switched out when the ward split 8 weeks ago. Right before I got here. So 3 of those baptisms are still active. The oldest of those baptism site 23. His name is Blake. Then Lexie and Martha are both 16. Lexie was baptized last week. Anyway, on Thursday we were able to attend the temple with them all for the first time!!! Along with the other 32 youth who came along! It was AWESOME!! The temple is so cool. The spirit is so strong inside the temple. Pictures will come at the end. 

Transfer calls happened this week! 

After the temple on Friday we had a lesson with an inactive family. They haven't been to church in years. So we were able to get in contact with them a few weeks ago and have been teaching them the lessons. Their progress is slow BUT the kids all came to church today!!!!!! Sarah, Chris, and Travis. Chris and Travis aren't baptized so there is potential there. They are super great kids. There is so much potential here in this area. 

Back to transfer calls. Elder Overfield will be leaving to go whitewash train in Princeton KY. I will stay here and receive Elder Quiring. I don't know a whole lot about him. All I know is that we will be the newest Zone Leaders in the mission in terms of time being ZLs. 

That's about it for this week! It was super hot and it rained quite a bit! I love life without a car! 

Love yall! 


Temple on Thursday!!! Blake, me, Lexie, Martha, elder Overfield 

This one just with Blake. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Even in the darkness, carry your torches

Hey Jack, 14 months strong and i still have song lyrics to title my weekly emails😜

Oh man, oh man... These weeks are literally just flying by. It seems like I just got here to Spring Hill Last week. I was looking around at church today and i already know everyone in the ward. Well... at least know their name. I really hope to continue to get to know all of them really well in the next while, during my time here. 

Its really strange because i see and meet so many people every day. A lot of those people are actually from California. Yesterday we tracted into a guy from Thousand Oaks. When people ask me where i'm from I don't even say "Bay Area" anymore. I say, "Do you know where Tracy is?" and usually they say yeah. I met someone who went to Tracy High a few weeks ago. Haha small world.

We tracted all week this week. I would bet that is knocked more doors in this transfer than in all of 2017. Its mostly just because we don't have a whole lot of investigators, or even less actives. Those who are less active don't want to have missionaries come back. They are sick of people coming by. SO! We knock on doors. It is nice to have doors to knock on though. In Morgantown, there were not enough doors to knock on all year long. 

OH!!!! FOURTH OF JULY!!!!! I totally forgot about that. SO we had a great day on Fourth of July. We have some other missionaries who are in the other ward here in the city. We were on exchanges with them. So we are cruising around town and Elder Sanchez--from Corona CA--Friends with Stephan----Say "We need to represent America better." So we go to Walmart to get some Flags. Later on in the evening, after we had taped 2 of the flags to our bike rack and the other 3 are being held out the windows of the passengers, I look behind me and see blue lights... 

Sweet. I wasn't speeding.. @tiwi. I had my blinkers on. I wasn't breaking any laws. 

Anyway, I pull over and the Lady Officer comes up to the window and says "Sorry guys, I have to be a party pooper but you cant have your arms out of the window while you're driving." I said "Alright sorry about that" --"Alright your guys have a good evening!" 
And that was the end of that! 

So we came to the conclusion that she probably thought we were drunk and the arms out the window was just an excuse to pull us over. But that was fun. 

We had to go in early, but when it got dark we got on the roof of our home and watched fireworks for a while. It was so much fun! 

Anyway it was a great week. I hope yall had a great week as well!



Firework watchin.

I made this a few days ago for lunch. Let's just say... 🤤