Wednesday, February 28, 2018

He had God, Family, and country

Well I am now entering the last month of my mission and a lot is going to be going down so it'll probably go by really quick. 

Next week we have Zone Conference where I will share my departing testimony. I honestly can't believe it... I feel like there is so much that I could talk about. But Ive decided that I will just say what comes to my heart when the time comes. At zone conference we will be getting smartphones. So that will be kinda cool. They're Samsung J somethings so nothing too fancy but it'll be cool to have an actual phone again. Then on the 17th an apostle is coming to our mission again! This will be 2 apostles I meet on my mission! We don't know who it is yet but I'm pretty excited! 

This past week was pretty cool. We have really been trying to visit a lot of less actives and people who are recent converts. It'd kinda interesting coming back and seeing how many people aren't here anymore. It's really sad to see how these people have just stopped coming to church... 

Sorry I'm not writing a whole lot. I don't feel all that good. The other Elders are fishing right now and I just wanna go get some food and take a nap... But it is what it is. 

Love yall have a good week


We made a little grill in our back yard out of blocks haha

It rained a bunch this past weekend so the river flooded. This house has been abandoned but the river was super high. 

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