Wednesday, January 31, 2018

When Hank brings the sermon, Cash leads the choir

Right now we are sitting in the Firestone getting our oil changed, why it's on a PDay? I don't know. A little upset but it is what it is. 

Last... Friday I believe it was we were headed to a dinner appointment and we saw this house on the side of the road and it looked like they were burning trash or something like that. We looked a little closer and saw that it was a little too close to the house. So we pulled into the drive, and went up to the door. Noone was burning trash. The brush around the house was burning and the flames were scorching the brick. So we helped the family put out the fire while we waited for the fire department to show up. It was pretty crazy! The family was pretty happy that we knocked in their door. Also it was a good thing that it was a brick house and not anything else. That house would probably have burnt down if it was anything other than brick. 

So I don't really know what else to write. The work is a little slow. We are filtering through all of our former investigators because like I said last week we will be handing off the area to the sisters at the end of the transfer. 

That's just about it for the week. It started snowing again the other day! We were walking around in it and it was really cold right before the storm hit. The wind was the worst... But as soon as it started snowing it wasn't too bad! 

Love you guys! 


Someone didn't want to take apart the trampoline. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Oh.. I’m good at talkin but maybe I should be listenin.

So I kinda cheated my system of using a different song every week, but last week I wrote the lyrics to the song, Phone call to God bye Brett Eldridge, and I was listening to it while I was in the shower earlier this week and I heard this part. That I’m good at talkin but maybe I should be listenin. It hit me pretty hard. What am I doing? Do I talk to God to much and ask for too many things? Or do I actually listen to what he has to say? Do I want to change or do I just complain and tell Him that he needs to help me? Maybe he is answering me, but I’m just not listening. 

Honestly not a whole lot went on this week. I’m still on my antibiotics for my pneumonia becasue I felt the side affects from the pills. So they got me on some new ones. So that out me down for a few days. I’m still trying to recover honestly. I would have much rather just stayed coughing than some of the side affects.... it was miserable. 

The snow is completely gone now... which is really upsetting but I’m a little happy that it is heating up a little bit. I’m not too sure if it will stay warm now or if it will drop off again sometime this month or next. Who knows. 

We had interviews with President this week and they went pretty well. Want to know something crazy? I only have 2 more interviews with him before I go home... wowza. K cool. That’s strange. 

That’s it for the week! Like I said not too much went on but that’s okay. 

Love y’all! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Just a man making a phone call to God

Things are going good! I can't remember if I told yall but I've coughing for like 5 weeks now. I finally went to urgent care yesterday because my cough isn't getting better. It's just getting worse. So they said I have light pneumonia. I have a little fluid in my left lung thst isn't coming out. So they gave me some antibiotics. So hopefully I get better soon! 

It's been super cold here. During the day time it's not too bad when the sun is out but as soon as the sun goes down you lose that "Light heat." You know when it's the same temperature but it just feels colder because there is no sun? Also it's been super cloudy and there has probably been a total of about 8 inches of snow but on Monday the first set of snow melted so there is about 4 inches on the ground now. It's still snowing now. I absolutely love the snow. I didn't think that I would enjoy it this much but I love being in the snow. It's kinda tough being in dress clothes in it but if I could be in normal clothes I would be perfectly fine. 

Not too much new is happening in terms of missionary work. We are still sorting through people who may or may not be progressing in the gospel. We have been trying to lessen the people who are in our "Former investigator" lists. There are so many of them in there. It feels a bit overwhelming  to just keep adding people to the list. So what we do is we look for someone who is on the list, visit them, see if they 1) Live there. 2) are interested. If they are we set up a time to see them if not we delete them off the app so that it isn't cluttered anymore! 

Thats about it for the week! Love yall! 


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Love is the answer and music is healing

So I'll be honest. Thus week was rough. In and out of mental highs and lows, but I gained a testimony of working out. The Bowling Green 2nd elder have a really nice gym in their appartment complex so we made an extra effort this week to go out there and work out. On Saturday morning I just wasn't having it. I woke up at 6:00 to go to the gym and I knew it was going  to be a rough one... 

After workouts I just felt sadness and frustration fill me up. As I sat down to read the scriptures and begin personal study I just cried. I tried to pick myself up and we went out and walked all around town. 5 miles later I felt a lot better. Talking to people sharing the gospel. I defiantly tried my best. God helped the with all the rest. 

I remember that making sure to have good workouts is super important with regards to staying happy. So I made sure to work out really hard this week. And now I'm a lot better! So workout=truth. Haha 

Other than that, following up on Nene has been awesome!! I'm so happy for the sisters out there being so willing to help her out. Nene has been received so well out there in Rexburg and the sisters are going to take great care of her. 

I love all yall! Congratulations to Hannah and Sarah for finishing their missions this week! Yall are the bestest friends I could have! 



Chipotle can fix anything. Except sis. Rummlers face Hahaha @panorama

Directing traffic at the park. 

It's not swimming in you can stand on it right?? 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Where are you now that I need you?

Heard this song the other day at lunch and thought back to Hawaii with Anjali! Good times. 

Anyway transfer calls happened this week! Elder Stucki and I are staying the same! I'm stoked to be with my son for another 6 weeks. He is awesome and is leaving so much. We are working on teaching more equally because I really like to talk during Lessons and I feel bad when I talk so much... So that's something I'm trying to get better at. 

I don't know who saw my video on Facebook of our Light the world liftoff this week but it was so much fun!! We tied a bunch of balloons and wrote out testimonies of Jesus christ on the back of a card and tied that to the balloon and sent it off into the air! If you didn't see it page video is on Facebook!! 

Nene got baptized!!! I'm so happy. This Friday she leaves for BYUI to go to school so we are in contact with the Sisters out there. We are making sure that she continues to meet with the missionaries and help her grow her testimony. 

Nothing else really happened, people keep telling me I don't have a whole lot longer on my mission... But I'm out here like... I've still got 4 months!! I have plenty of time!! 

Love you guys! Keep working.  And sharing the gospel.