Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Trust me when I say, today’s a new day throw your broken crown away

It’s so great to be back here in Morgantown. It's such a great place to be. We are working pretty hard to make up for some lost time. There has not been a whole lot of work done here for the past while and it's kindof upsetting to see an area that you work sped so hard in be thrown to the side... But it is what it is. We immediately meter the bishop who we told we are ready to work hard and do what is necessary to help the area in the best way possible. We talked to him about what he wanted us to do so that we can find and teach more people. Im sure we earned some of his trust back. 

We are also living in a different appartment than where we used to. It's a whole lot nicer. We actually live up underneath some members so we hear the kids kicking and running around all morning getting ready for school. They are out the door by 7:00 so it's not too bad. Haha 

We have seen almost all of the people that we baptized here last year. All of them are inactive... But they still have a testimony of the gospel, so thst is good. We will get them back to church by helping them read the book of Mormon each day. 

It's also been pretty cool to be able to see members and eat with them, or talk with them. I love it. The people here are so kind to us missionaries. But I remembered very quickly that respect must be earned here. We went over to an investigators house and he didn't even look at me while I was taking to him. So that was annoying. Anyway... 

Thats about it for the week!

My new address is 

Love yall!

Our sketchy bench. 

So many trucks out here look like this haha 

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