Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The hardest thing I’ve ever loved to do

What a week! It’s kinda hard having pdays on Wednesday’s now becasue I can’t seem to remember anything before Sunday! So I guess we will just start from there! 

On sunday we had stake conference! What a great thing to go to. I don’t know if y’all remember but last year I was in Morgantown for stake conference when Alissa Orr gave her first talk! Alissa was a girl that Elder Jessop and I taught and  baptized way back in Sango, my first area. So just a quick reminder, I have now served in the Hopkinsville stake for over a year! I was in Clarksville for 6 months and now have been in Morgantown for 6 months! So crazy! I have developed such a love for the people here. As I walked around at stake conference I was able to talk to so many different people who I love! I love this stake so much. People kept asking, don’t you go home soon?? I was like... that’s what they tell me. My ward mission leader in Clarksville 1st ward is only like a year older than me (and is married) got pretty close! So when I was talking to him I asked what had he been up to, then I looked down and saw that he was holding a baby! I was like IS THIS YOURS!?!? Apparently he found out his wife was pregnant the week I left Clarksville. So that was pretty funny. 

Sorry If I'm kinda all over the place today I'm pretty tired and I haven't been sleeping all that well. 

Another thing that happened this week was we went on exchanges. While we were in exchanges, we walked into Walmart and these people stopped and talked to us for about an hour and a half. They just talked to us about their life and some of the problems that they had been dealing with. It was such a special thing and we actually found out that they live in the Morgantown area! So we will be going to teach them on Sunday! Pretty excited about that!

That's about it! 
Love youins!!


Cool little souvenir 

It snowed!!!

Hoptown zone 

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