Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Stay, a minute, just take, your time

Once again, the weeks blow by. This one was jam packed with stuff. Like I talked about last week, we had the opportunity for Elder Holland to visit our mission. He was accompanied with Elder Klibengat, and Elder Baheshti. The meeting that we had from Friday til Saturday were some of the most learning and spiritual moments on my mission. On Friday we were able to attend a meeting the Young adults, then on Saturday morning we had a meeting with Elder Holland down in Franklin TN. Which was amazing. Then on Sunday he held a special stake conference for all of us in the stakes throughout the mission. Although none of y’all will be able to hear it ever, it was probably the best meeting I’ve ever been in. It was so inspired. I can’t really explain anything else about it. It was just so great. All I can put into words is that the coming of Jesus Christ is soon. We really need to be doing all we can to be able to prepare for it. 

That weekend kind of just explained the whole week! I guess on Saturday we helped a member build the beginnings of a greenhouse for his wife! It kinda looks a little dumb and lame, but it took like all day haha. And I learned a whole lot about how do construct frames.  So that was pretty cool. Pictures later. 

Transfers! So I will be leaving Morgantown for the last 2 weeks of my mission to go around the mission and help other missionaries. So this will be fun! I have no idea where I’ll be for the next few weeks. I could be somewhere in Tennessee or Kentucky, or even Illinois or Alabama or Georgia. Who knows. I’ll keep ya posted next week! 

Love y’all see you soon 


Elder Neuenschwander and I! He is going to replace me in Motown! 

Sis. Rummler. The BG homie. 

Happy birthday to me! 21? Woah 

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