Monday, July 31, 2017

Wipe your head, shake it off, then you stand

I love this song. I heard this the other day. I just wanted to quote the song real quick to explain my week....
"On your knees you look up just like you've had enough, you get mad, you get strong, then you stand." 
Sometimes, this work is so hard you just want to give up. On my knees multiple times a day I ask Heavenly Father to help me just get through the day because sometimes I've had enough. I get mad. I get irritated that people literally hate us and do not want anything to do with us. But as I push through I get stronger. And stronger. One day I hope to be able to continue to stand as a witness of Christ at all times. 

Let's just say that it was a rough week. Being pushed out of your comfort zone  sucks. Something that has been pushed a lot recently is talking to absolutely everyone you see. I'm so terrible at it. Tracting? Sure! I'll do it! But someone who is working in their yard. Busy doing something. On a run? I'm terrible at it. But! I'm getting better. And that's what matters. So that has been super stressful. No growth in the comfort zone 

Wowza... Anyway it's been super fun working hard though because we have seen the blessings from it! Chris and Travis  are preparing to get baptized this next week. They are doing amazing and will continue to progress. They are a little immature but that's alright. When you 12 and 13, who isn't? Lets be honest. I wasn't. Heck I'm still not lol But it's been super cool to see how their prayers have changed. They used to be... non existing. Now they still stumble through them but they are praying! It's so great. 

We were over at their house last night and they gave us some soda to during and I had a Mountain Dew. After I finished it, I remembered why I stopped drinking Mountain Dew. I thought back to many moons ago. In a land far away. In Hawaii I wouldn't be able to sleep after I had drank a Mountain Dew. So I stopped drinking them. And last night? There I was. Laying there. 12:00? Not tired at all. Oops. Ehh it's pday tomorrow. In other words. PAR-Day! (Parday?--Partay?--Party? Ehh worth a shot, hopefully I shot par. 😂😂😂😅 man sometimes I annoy myself😂

Chris leaves for his mission soon. I hit 15 months this week. I'm realizing that I'm going to be an old missionary because in 3 months over half the mission will be less than 6 months old. Phew. That's nutz... Greenies. Can't live with em. Can't live without em. Whatcha gonna do? Nothin. Go serve the Lord i guess... 

Hope yall have a grand ol week! 

Love youins! 


Find the goober in this picture!! 

I got to ride this sick bike. 

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