Monday, August 7, 2017

I would change a lot of things, startin with me...

So I love getting letters but I am terrible at responding to them. I used to be good but now I just forget. Throughout my mission I have gotten letters from various primary classes. I still hold onto them and I look at them all the time. So just know that If I haven't responded it doesn't mean that I don't care! It just means that I'm crazy busy all the time! But thank you and I love all yall who have sent them! I also love those who haven't.......


Chris and Travis got Baptized!!! Their baptism was on Wednesday. It was such a great experience for them. They were so happy the whole time. I absolutely love these kids. Chris is so funny and Travis is super shy but SUPER smart. I feel that he has almost retained everything we have taught him but is just too shy or embarrassed to answer some questions we ask him. I'm so excited for them to be able to continue to progress towards the priesthood and then the temple. Even their mom who has been less active for years is still coming to church. We want to get her to the temple to do baptisms with the kids soon! 

Okay. Lets just say that tracting isn't super effective here in this area. Even less than other areas that I've been in. But this past week we have Tracted our butts off and found 7 new investigators through tracting!!!!!!!!! I haven't had that since Clarksville!!!!! Elder Quiring and I would look at each other and say... Ummm did that just happen?? 😂😂Let's just say, I ain't complaining. But I'm actually starting to love to go out and tract now. Talking to people is such a game. Trying to figure out just what people need withing the first 3 seconds of that door opening. Let's just say that saying "We help people strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ" doesn't work. Elders and sisters serving missions. Use another tactic. Another approach. TAKE LUCK! And care! And... Yeah 

One of these new investigators is a BEAST. Literally, he is huge. Wanna know what's so cool about him? So first of all he played football for the Jacksonville jaguars. Then he played arena football. Now he is a bodyguard for..... John Rich from Lonestar and Big and Rich!! So cool!! We talked to him for about an hour on his doorstep. Super cool guy and we got his number and are gonna try to meet with him later this week.

Well that about all I got. I'm super excited for this next week Cuz we have a ton of return appointments that we need to work out! Lots of work to do here in Spring Hill!! 
I love my mission yall. It's the best one out. Sorry yall didn't get to come to Nashville Tennessee. Jk everyone says that. But this mission is perfect for me. Another mission is perfect for someone else. But mine is just a little better;) 👍🏼

Love yall! Have a great week! 


I found SARAH MITCHELL in a mormon message!!!!!!!! I was watching this and was like, oh it's the Laie temple..... SARAH!?!?!? I literally yelled that out. Haha 

Me, Chris, Travis, Elder Quiring--- The baptism was awesome. Don't worry. I got a haircut a few days later. 

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