Monday, July 3, 2017

Now I'm knee deep in the water somewhere...

So I've been in this area for almost 4 weeks now.... I can't believe that at all... It's really strange being in such a big area with so many members. In Morgantown, by this time I knew all the families and their names. Here in Thompson Station, I know maybe half of them. Anyway it's a lot of fun. 

There are more youth in this ward than there are in the Tracy ward back at home. And our youth keeps growing. Last night we baptized a girl names Lexie. She is awesome. She is a great friend of some of the young women. In a picture I will send out later, there will be 2 recent converts in the picture. Lexie and then the super short girl (Martha) The youth are such great missionaries here. I'm totally going to brag on the T-Stat 1st youth because they are seriously the best!! They love sharing the gospel and when one person brings a friend to church, all of them befriend them. They show their love for them so much. This ward is awesome. At the baptism there were probably 70 people in attendance. That is only second to the Orrs baptism. We also had several non members and less actives there. It was so great. Much spiritual. Very baptism. W.O.W. 

Anyway other than that this was a pretty chill week. We were able to go do baptisms for the dead on Saturday with a convert of Elder Overfields. I was able to bring "Earnest A. Shufelt" and preform his baptism and confirmation!! I loved it. 

We are sort of running out of people to teach, but we are working with a bunch of Lessons active and part member families who haven't been to church in years but invited us back to have more Lessons with them. That has been a breakthrough because this family did not let people into their home before at all but now they let us in and let us teach them. Slowly but surely wins the race!!

Oh BTW I conducted and gave a training in zone conference this week... Haha kinda nerve-wracking but that's okay 😅

Guys I know that the Gospel has been restored to the earth. I know that it fluid fall away at one point. I know that through and only through Joseph Smith could the Priesthood be on the earth again so that we can be baptized by water to receive a remission of our sins. 



Left to right: Me, Emma Stalker, Lexie Knutson, Martha, Ryan, Elder Overfield, Bro. Stalker

                                            Notice how I'm the only one with my suit buttoned? Oops lol. 


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