Monday, June 26, 2017

Pull up a chair and stay a while, at the family table

So to be completely honest, not a whole lot exciting happened this week. We taught lessons and knock on doors.

Elder Overfield and I are going around to all of the members and setting up times to meet with them to teach them the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been awesome doing this. One, because i don't know any of the members still; two because the ward is so young we are teaching lots of little children so the way we teach needs to change; three my teaching has improved since we have started doing this. It also helps the members remember what the basics of our faith are. Sometimes we get all caught up in our crazy lives and it is a great refresher to have the missionaries come and teach you the lessons. So family, please! Do this! Tell the missionaries to come by and ask them to teach you the lessons! Then share the message with your friends!!

I don't know if y'all know who Due West is (it's a band in Nashville), but one of the lead singers in it is Tim Gates. He also sings in Nashville Tribute Band. So go and watch his "Im a Mormon" video on You Tube. Its really good. Well anyway, there is a guy he has taken in. His name is Timmy Tim. Timmy Tim loves missionaries a lot. So every night he calls. Not just us but a lot of missionaries in the mission. Even though I have never met him, every time I talk to him he says "Elder Maxfield? I miss you." Its just the sweetest thing ever. He moved away to St. George a few months ago but he is always telling us that he is coming back. Its so funny. He is adorable. I can hardly understand what he is saying sometimes but that's alright. 

Tracted into a preacher this week. An hour and a half later we had to leave, so he told us he would take us out to lunch. I will let you know what happened next week. Let's just say, the Bible sometimes doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Thank goodness for the Book of Mormon and modern day prophets!!!!

Love yall. Hope you had a good week!


Here you go lil ducky 

Just another day in Spring Hill Tennessee...................

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