Monday, June 5, 2017

I'll just let this cat out of the bag ASAP. Transfer calls happened on Saturday! But we knew what was going on on Friday evening. We received a call from President around 9:40 and he told us what is going on with me and Elder Fast. Elder Fast will be staying and become the new district leader! He will receive Elder Moulton. He has been on his mission for 2 transfers. So not a whole lot of time. I will be leaving Morgantown to go become a Zone Leader in Thompson Station Tennessee. It is just south of Franklin. This will be the furthest south I will have ever served! I am excited and very nervous to move forward. It's really funny because Elder Jessop served there a few transfers ago. I got some big shoes to fill! He was stoked when I told him. 

Not a whole lot of other stuff happened this week.

Last week, last PDay we went to a Bowling Green hot rods baseball game! Oh my goodness let me tell you. That was the best PDay of my life. Baseball and a bunch of my friends with me. It was awesome. Elder Olsen and I talked baseball pretty much all week after that. We also found out the Hunter Strickland and Bryce Harper got into a fight on Memorial day. 

We also did a bunch of service this week. A family was moving into the ward from Brownsville so we went out there to help them. We were able to move all of their stuff into their apartment pretty darn fast. We had 4 missionaries out there helping along with a few others. It was one of the easiest moves I've done on my mission. The people made it super easy and they were super grateful. 

I am very sad to leave not only Morgantown, but also the Hopkinsville zone. It's been so much fun to be able to serve here for such a long time. Just so yall know I've been in this zone for almost an entire year. I absolutely love it here. The people are great. The Wards are great. The work is moving forward and will continue to move forward here. I love this gospel and missionary work! 

Love yall! 


The Motown district! 

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