Monday, May 29, 2017

Don't worry bout nothin, pray about everything

This week has been kinda terrible and awsome at the same time. 

So ill start by talking about the terrible. On Friday I got sick. It is terrible. If you saw the picture that was posted on instagram by sis. Stone, I was dying in that. Yeah I got ZERO sleep the night before. So after the baptism, I was feeling like crap so I went home and took a nap. For a few hours and then stayed in for the rest of the day. I felt terrible that I couldn't go out and do work. But now as I don't have a voice at all I don't feel all that bad because I'm sure people wouldn't want to talk to me with the way I sound right now haha 

But getting to the good part! Tracie was baptized on Saturday!!! It was awesome! Her legs don't work the best and she was really worried about getting hurt. But the baptism couldn't have gone any better. She said that she was excited and nervous before the baptism but was now just even more excited after her Baptism. Tracie is so great! She loves the church. She loves the feeling she has while she learns. She is happy that she has found peace in her life. 

Just wanna give a little update on some baptisms I've had in this area. Nick , the big guy who was baptized about a month ago, received the Aaronic priesthood today! I didn't even realize that he was interviewed for it! It has been so great seeing him progress and learn to love the church even more than in the past. 

Will, got married to Ashley a while ago--beginning of march-- came to church today and was asking me a bunch of questions about different things going on! He also brought up his baptism date, which is June 10th. He is excited for it! Transfers are next week so who knows if I'll be staying or not.

It's really strange being on my mission. At the beginning of serving here in Morgantown, I really didn't like it here. I thought it was too hard, the people were annoying  and no one wanted to talk to us. Although the last part is true, I have grow to absolutely love the people here. I love the ward we have. I love the strange conversations that go on with the people we talk to. Now that I love this area my guess is that I'll probably be leaving...

Anyway, I hope yall had a great week! 



This picture, I was dying in. Feeling like crap and super excited for Tracie

Best Pday ever

Need I say more!

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