Monday, May 22, 2017

I guess the first thing I should talk about is how much fun I had yesterday. We were out trying to visit W. He is the husband of Ashley. Ashley is out of town so she wanted us to go visit him every once in awhile. So we went and stopped by and he wasn't at his house but he came and walked up to us and said "Hey guys! You know how to play corn hole?"  I said yep so we went and played with him and some other people. I didn't really know how to best toss the bag to get it to stay on the box the best. But I eventually figured it out. After I played a round Will started playing on a team with a girl. It was pretty terrible. Will was awful. The score was 3-17. So he said "Elder Maxfield come play. But remember, if you lose. It's your fault." So I go into this thinking we are about to get smacked. But.... we ended up winning 21-19. So that was pretty crazy😂😂 

That was a party. We gained trust with a bunch of people. Apparently one of the guys we were playing with "Makes missionaries cry when they come to [His] door" They all liked us a lot. One of the boys asked us I'd we could come by again tomorrow. We said we will come back later this week. Hopefully we can get some new investigators because of corn hole!! 

But other than that this week was as pretty slow. We had zone conference in Hopkinsville, so we drove out there and had a party with the whole zone and the Paducah zone. I saw my son Elder case and a bunch of other friends. I love zone conference. I love learning from our leaders and hearing what president and Sis. Stone have to tell us. I love them and I love my mission so much. 

I can't really think of too much else we have going on this week. We do have a baptism coming up this Saturday! Her name is T. We are really excited for her. She has had a really hard life and she said that she finally feels love at church. She is great. 

That's about it! I hit my year in the field mark this week! Pretty darn excited! 

Love y'all! 


Me, sis. Curtis, sis. Gray, elder Curtis, elder Mathews at Zone conference on Wednesday 

One of my good friends goes home in a few weeks! Hermana Uchytil was in Clarksville Spanish when I was in Clarksville 1

"If you can't avoid it; enjoy it"--Former President Andersen 

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