Monday, May 1, 2017

We all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside


This week was so much fun. It doesn't feel like we got a whole lot done. But as I look back it was a complete blur!!! So we started off by really working hard to find people to teach. We went tracting and tracting but to no avail. We really need to get in contact with these referrals. They just dont open their doors... we can't catch em while they are home! Either that or they don't want to hear our message that will bring them salvation... Who knows. The world may never know! 

So while we were out knocking on them doors we had this sweet lady tell us the best thing ever!!! "Why don't you just... Go away" YES!!! Thank you lady!! I love it. 😅😅

But! GOOD NEWS! Last week I hinted at something. Don't know if yall caught on to it but MORGANTOWN BECAME A WARD!!!!!!!! We combined with another branch to become a ward! We are so excited. So knowing this we were asked to come help out with a festival that is put on by some of the members from the then called "Hartford Branch". We figured it would help us gain trust. So we went up there on Friday and pretty much helped out all day long. It was great. We were able to talk to a BUNCH of people who weren't of our faith and put a really great face out there for missionaries. It was great. 

But! EVEN BETTER NEWS!! Elder Neil L. Anderson came to visit our mission on Saturday!!! It was so great. He talked to us about how we need to relate with the youth. How they are the key to developing the work in our areas. That they have friends that aren't members. It was awesome but he said something that really hit me and made me even more converted and strengthened my testimony that we have a prophet. This is what he said.... "Elders and sisters, I meet with President Monson on Thursdays and I will report to him that I met with a great set of missionaries in PADUCAH! He will say that is great! Paducah where?--Paducah Kentucky-- Well did you tell them that I love them? That I am praying for them?--Why yes I did" 

When he said this it hit me. That even though president Monson doesn't where Paducah is. Let alone Morgantown KY is, he loves us and prays for us. He is direct communications with God and Jesus Christ who do know where Morgantown is. I absolutely loved that. 

It was such a great week everyone. What a great way to finish off ONE YEAR in this mission field. I hit one year on Thursday this week. I can't believe it. This has been the best year of my life without a doubt. 

Love yall. 


Tracting them ol dirt roads 

California? Is that you? No? Didn't think so....

Road trip to Paducah

Tear drop falls down my cheek

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