Monday, June 12, 2017

Meanwhile back at Mama's

Well actually back at Mama's no one's home Cuz they are at the beach! But that's alright. This is the last year I'll miss of it. 

This week went by so fast it's not even funny! To start off I didn't have a normal day all this week. Tuesday was transfers, the Curtis's drove us down from Morgantown to Nashville, Elder Overfield picked me up and brought me to Spring Hill. We then went off tracting immediately. Later that night we went and picked up the car from some other Elders. 

The next day we went on exchanges with the Pulaski Elders. After exchanged we had dinner with the elder I replaced and his family. That was really strange because I had no idea who anyone was. 

Thursday was MLC--Missionary leadership council. So that took up a few hours of the day. Friday was weekly planning and a Skype call to all the district leaders in the zone. Saturday we did some service on a farm for a few hours. WILL GOT BAPTIZED! He is up in Morgantown so I was able to Skype into that. 

So I guess you could say that it was a crazy week. We were all over the place, but it was a lot of fun. I actually don't think I've been more tired on my mission. The only time I've been more tired than this was during the Ragnar relay in April of last year. But other than that. I've never been this tired. I try and go to bed as early as possible! It's great. I love being busy all the time. 

Elder Overfield is my new companion. He is super cool! He has lost over 100 lbs on his mission. He is from just outside of Rexburg Idaho. He loves dirt bikes, snow snowmobiling, trucks and doing crazy things. He is a super hard working missionary. 

I am in the Thompsons Station 1st ward. Or in other words, I'm in a Utah ward. There are so many people in the ward. It is going to take some serious adjusting from the Morgantown ward. Yesterday there were probably 175 people at church. Maybe more? But they just changed the boundaries 2 weeks ago and we lost a lot of members.  I wonder what it looked like back then.... Too many people. 

Anyway another week is gone and I still love my mission. I continue to learn so much each day. Some people are super annoying and ignorant when we talk to them, but that's okay I guess. Their agency. Their salvation....

Love yall!! 


                      Hey pa! There is an apartment complex where the roads are named after golf courses. 

Sarah Mitchell---I'm closer to your home than you are to mine!-- Well... You're probably only 10 miles away from my family right now... Anyway...

It wasn't Perry ct though...

MLC the other day. 

I also finally figured out what this means.... Took me WAY too long..........

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