Monday, April 3, 2017

You'll be amazed at what you find if you take a look through my eyes

This had to be the best conference I've ever listened to. So quick back story before I spill it all. 

This week we had the chance to go to the temple! It was awesome. Before we went, last week President Stone sent out an email inviting all of us to go to conference with a question. We had interviews with him right after the temple and he asked me what my question was. I had been trying to figure one out but I just couldn't! I went to the temple seeking for a question. Not an answer! Isn't that funny haha. But I went into interviews and was honest that I couldn't find a question. So we just started talking about things and then I figured out my question.  I'm sorry but this entire conference was directed to me and no one else. I'm sorry that you guys may have not got too much out of it because they were pretty much saying "Reese, you can do better in this way, or you need to do this" haha isn't it amazing how everyone feels like that at times? 

We had exchanges this week! We went out to Hopkinsville with the Zone Leaders which was fun! Elder Rowland and I Tracted for about 6 hours. Straight. Which isn't the most fun but we got a lot of stuff done. We don't typically find a million new investigators and baptize every week and teach 30 lessons every day(shout out to anyone in Brazil) but we found a couple of new ones. We also ran into some people who don't even know who we are but poured their heart out to us. We talked to one guy who had been molested by their priest. Another who had just had twin daughters where one didn't survive past 19 weeks. He said he could fit her in the palm of his hand. He then went on and talked about all other 5 deaths in his family that were recent. 

It amazes me as missionaries that we just want to share what Jesus Christ taught and people open up to us with their deepest worries, fears, questions, sadnesses. It's  so hard to see this sometimes. We want to help them but they just won't let us. People don't really want to talk to the Mormons out here. But that's okay. "Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is the Christ" 

Anyway this week was defiantly a good one. Very difficult however. Elder Fast got sick again and I had to invite him make sure to follow the diet the mission nurse gave to him. He wasn't too happy but he followed it and is now better! I'm so happy that he is feeling better now. He and I both want to do missionary work. But you can't do it if you are sick!!! 

So my 11 month mark is hitting tomorrow. I've been a missionary for 11 months. Wow. Where does the time go? Anyway. 

Guys I love my mission. It has changed my life. It will continue to change my life. I'm so happy that I have the chance to serve here in Morgantown (Nowheresville), KY. But that's okay. It is very small. Culture shock yes but I love it. The people are kind. "Everybody knows everybody. Everybody calls ya friend. Don't need no invitation, kick off your shoes come on it. (Unless it's the Mormons) 

Welp love yall! Keep, I don't know haha, doing good things? Yeah. That. Keep doing good stuff! That is good! Yes! Okay. 

Love y'all 

Am i back at home????

So elder Fast is a bit taller than me.

So I fixed the problem. 

The district! 

Elder Olsen! 

What the heck am I doing in Nashville? Huh... wow. 

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