Monday, April 17, 2017

Take you up and down these hallers and hills. Let me show you how country feels

Okay. First things first. 

CHRIS GOT HIS MISSION CALL!!!!! MY BROTHER!!!! HE IS GOING TO AUSTRALIA!!! I'm so excited for him!!! Anyway  (Mom edit- Sydney North Mission to be exact. Leaving August 16)

This week was honestly a tough one. We are working our butts off to no avail. We are "Finding constantly, talking with everyone, working with members" and haven't been able to find anyone. I'm not going to complain too much because we are having 2 baptisms this Saturday but after that we won't have anyone to teach. Literally. We will be down to one, count em, one investigator. But we are making plans to have the members introduce us to people and really focus on working through the members specifically the youth. 

Honestly that is pretty much all that happened this week. We went out and Tracted, walked around town, went and helped a member put in his speakers into his car when we happened to stop by. So I now know how to put in door panel speakers. It's super easy by the way. 

Transfer calls are coming up this Saturday. I've come to the point where I just do not care where I go or what I do. I'm just excited for anything. I'll be happy to stay to help the work progress here, but also a change is always good. I absolutely love my mission. I can't wait till Chris goes out to Australia. He will get an aussi accent and I'll have a southern accent. Well, not really. I can speak banjo, Southern twang, and a soft accent but I also have my, little Elder Maxfield normal California accent. I do have lots of pictures from this week so stay tuned. 

Love yall! 

Sunsets are starting to get pretty again 

MOFORD reunited 

3 zones 1 conference


Golden hubcaps means you had one of the Cleanest car. 2nd transfer in a row!!!! 

"I Nephi being extremely large in stature" 

When youre trying to work with an investigator..... This is a real text we got lol 

Oh look at that... Malibugatti 

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