Monday, April 10, 2017

We gotta give this world back to God

Elder Reese Maxfield's Level Chart
Desire to Serve: High
Faith: High
Stress levels: High
Tiredness: Very High
Knowledge of what he is supposed to do: Not a Clue
Where does he need to go: No Idea
Is he Hungy: Always

That basically describes my week! We are officially down to 3 people
we are actively teaching now!! YAY!! I wonder how many people are
teaching less that that. I certainly hope not too many. It is okay
because all three are on date or are getting close. The rest of our
time is spent tracting or trying to find a place TO tract.

We have been trying to find places out in the sticks to teach people.
If you look up Morgantown KY you will notice that the "City" is tiny.
There are not too many doors for us to knock on. so we have to go out
into the backwoods to talk to people. It is fun! Very pretty
especially now with spring being here. We tracted for about 3 hours on
Saturday, knocked on 13 houses and talked to 4 people. So much fun!...
Yes sarcasm. Haha but I really have learned so much about how to talk
to people about literally nothing. Its great! Everyone here is so
willing to talk to you about their dog, their Cousin who is in the
military, their family, guns and politics.... but not the Book of
Mormon! and you know what. That is okay. I am a firm believer in
building trust with people we tract into for future missionaries. I
pray that someone who I talk baseball with or cars or whatever with
may one day see some people with white shirts and ties walk up and
wonder... Hmmm those last guys that came by were pretty cool. I wonder
what they believe?

I absolutely love my mission. I love elder Fast!! He is awesome! I
have learned so much from him. He has been struggling a lot and I have
too. We have been able to talk to each other in ways that we both
believe no one else in the mission could. we needed to be companions
together at this time. Its awesome.

Welp really not too much else happened this week. Just preaching
repentance and baptizing converts. You know.

Love Yall! Happy Birthday to KAITLYN MAXFIELD!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!


A super nice house we knocked on. 



Wendy's after zone meeting

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