Monday, March 6, 2017

Naw Naw honey I'm good I could have another but I probably should not

This week's song is in reference to when we tract. 

What shall I say about this week. It really feels like the weeks are flying by. Derek has been out over a year! It feels like yesterday when we talked for the last time! I miss you chicken! The weeks are starting for fly by. Especially because this was such a busy week. But to be honest I really don't remember too much of what we did. 

Let's see on Tuesday we were on exchanges so that was pretty fun. I learned a whole lot about some missionaries in the surrounding areas. There is one missionary who is in the district who has autism. He is so fun. I love the kid. He will have a very hard mission but his trainer right now is perfect for him. I suggested to President that they stay together one more transfer. 

I'm sorry to say but this week was really a blur. We had a fireside last night that was for members to bring their friends/non members. So we had the whole evening set up. We were expecting about 20 people but we had about 50!! With about 7 non members! We say that it was a total success. We were so happy when our Chapel stared to fill up. Elder Mathews and I sang "I need thee every hour." We did alright... We were rushing to find the page so I couldn't find my note when we started but all is well. I found it a note later and we sang pretty well. 

This week looks to be like another busy one. We have a few people that we want to put on date. So hopefully we can get that done! 

To be perfectly honest the work here in this area is very slow. We don't find too many people to teach. So when we found 4 new investigators this past week we were stoked. We have been working so hard to find more people. I know that God loves us and as we (as missionaries) look for his people who are prepared, we will find them if we are prepared ourselves. I love this gospel. I am learning so many new things. It  helps my love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ increase. I know that missionary work is HARD! I have a testimony of it. But it is the best thing I have ever done.

Love y'alls 


                                               1/2 price sonic shakes. So we had to get the biggest one. 

I don't always make cookies. But when I do. I prefer homemade. --Stay hungry my friends. 

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