Monday, March 13, 2017

No We Ain't Never Getttin Older

THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!!!!! Mostly just because of yesterday's, because....

I saw the O's again!!!!!! We had Stake conference in Hopkinsville and A (mom note - A Is the girl from the first family Reese baptized) was giving a talk!!!! Oh man. It was such an awesome experience to be able to see her conversion from her perspective. As missionaries we see people but we cannot see what is going on behind doors when we leave. A was able to share what was going on after Elder Jessop and I left their home. Oh!! she has been accepted into BYU-I and will be attending later this year!!!!!!!!!! I am stoked for her. Also. I want to ask y'all to keep her dad in your prayers. With him being in the army, he can get deployed. Later this month he will leave for 9 months for deployment in Kuwait. So please pray for him and his safety while he is out there. Seeing them just increased my love for them so much. I failed to get a picture with them but it's okay. I love the O's. 

Also, during Stake conference president stone was giving his talk right after A gave hers. President caught my ear as he proceeded to read a letter that a "certain" missionary wrote him back in June. He said and I quote "A missionary serving here in the Hopkinsville Stake wrote this to me, quote...
'This week I had one of the first miracles of my mission. On Saturday morning, during comp Study, we wanted to practice tracting approaches. What the goal was, was to work on different approaches for us to do when we knock on a door. When tracting, we Kinda get into a set of certain words that we use all the time. My goal was to use different words. So, when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to say during this practice, I couldn't think of anything! I eventually pulled out a scripture that I had looked at the day before. Alma 34:32 tells us what the purpose of this life is. It says 
"For behold, this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God; yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors."
This tells us simply what our goal in life should be. But no matter what, this is the purpose of our life. Later that day we were out knock on doors. Elder Jessop knocked on the first door. No one answered that door. My turn was up. I went up to the door wanting to use what I had studied earlier that day in Alma. I knocked on the door, a lady opened and I introduced who we were. I then proceeded to ask her what she thought the purpose of this life was. She responded saying that she had been wondering that for the past little while. I then proceeded to read that scripture to her. She loved it! She wanted to hear more and learn more about what we had to say. We then talked to her and taught her the first lesson. We will be going back there on Saturday. I cannot believe that the exact thing that I had studied that morning was the exact thing that this lady needed to hear""" end of quote

PRESIDENT STONE QUOTED ME IN STAKE CONFERENCE!!!!! Oh my goodness I was stoked. I can't tell you how much that meant to me. But it wasn't over yet. He then continued on and told about how prepared A
was from his understanding by reading more of my emails to him. I didn't realize how important that letter was going to be in 8 months. Wow. This Stake conference was crazy. I love it here. I can't tell you how much I love serving SPECIFICALLY in the Hopkinsville Stake.  There were other experiences shared by members of wards that I've served in that I was a part of. I can't even express to you my happiness right now. As some people would say... I can't even. 

Welp. Hopefully that made sense. If not. Sorry😂😂

Oh so elder Mathews is leaving me. Leaving me in the middle of hicktown. And guess where he is going. Yep. Clarksville..... I'm so mad. And Sis. Gray, another member of the district is going to Clarksville as well... So yeah. Oh and I'm the only one in my district who is staying... Yay. I love it. But it's okay. I swear I'll live. Super stressed right now but it's all good. That's what blessings are for. 

I love yall so much. 

Super hero's--Sis. McFarland, Sis. Gray, Elder Mathews, yours truly

  He is the son of an investigator--(basically a member) 

They say don't look back... Oops. No ragrets.

 Zone conference 

Cleanest car in the zone!!!! What whattttttttt!!!! #malibugatti

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