Monday, February 27, 2017

I hold it up and show my buddies like we ain't scared and our boots ain't muddy.... And it keeps me moving on. Waiting on. Letters from home.

Buenos nachos mis amigos! Como estais? I hope all yall serving in a Spanish speaking mission are upset because of my spanish.

 But not too much happened this past week. We are working so hard!!! and not seeing too much out of our efforts... but we did have a pretty cool experience last night.

So last night we were driving to an investigators home and we thought hmm... we can be one where better, so we decided to go to a less actives members house. We got there and began to talk with him about his Coal Mining experience. (Side Note--Coal mining is some sketchy stuff okay? Being 350 feet underground with all that earth on top of you? sketch) Anyway, we visit with him for a little while, and more people start to show up. Some of his sons friends. So he says "Cmon lets go be social" and the first thing he says to them is "Girls these are the Mormon missionaries that Pastor Gary preaches against!" I was like... uh oh.. here we go. BUT NO! One of the girls started asking a BUNCH of questions about the church, things that she had heard from her pastor. We were able to answer all of them and she continued to be interested. So we stayed for dinner and continued to answer her questions. We asked her if she wanted a Book of Mormon and she said "Heck yeah i do!" So we left her with one and a card with our number on it. She wouldn't give us her number so we really were hoping she would text us.

You see... not being able to fall asleep some nights is a blessing.

At about 11:00 last night i heard our phone ding, so i looked at it and this is what the text said,
"This is ______ the one you talked to tonight. I really want to know more. Like everything you all know. Tonight it really hit me and I really want to see where it takes me, so I appreciate it so much!"
So you know... no big deal right... This is the text missionaries dream about.. so we will see what happened... haha im so stoked. That text didn't help with me not being able to fall asleep haha!!! 

Love yall! Hope yall in California aren't drowning, and yall in Hawaii aren't... idk i heard the waves aren't even that big this year... but where every you are, I love you and want to encourage you to always live and be a light to the world.

Lava Yall!


So how many rules are we breaking here. Its more that what meets the eye.. Road trip to Zone meeting, driving with the sisters... left the mission... Its all good though. -> We asked president before we left if it was okay. he said yuuupp #approved #malibugatti 


People round here have ducks... and dress em up like this. wat

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