Monday, February 20, 2017

Ask her where she on the way to, she say Laie, said she love the north shore....

So much of this week was grinding, working hard, balling erryday pretty much. Honestly we worked so hard this week and really saw nothing. Soooo when things like that happen my mind tends to drift off to that place where the palm trees sway. So hence the title of this week's email. 

Let's see, this week was NUTS!!! Went to Hopkinsville for 2 days for exchanges with Elder Jessop and elder Rowland.  Then we went down to Nashville for another meeting on Thursday where we learned more about some stuff that is up and coming in the mission WORLD!!! I'M STOKED!!!!!!! Anyway technology is being pushed hard core. We were approved to have Skype lessons with people! But the thing is that not too many people here have WiFi in their trailer so we can't really use that yet... But maybe later in my mission! 

But people are progressing towards God. It is very different here than Clarksville. This area and the surrounding areas have very slow progress. It is a very humbling experience for me to be able to see this. To work so hard and not really see too much come out of it. The problem that we face up here is that EVERYONE has been a part of a certain church their whole life and then some. Meaning generations had been going there so people are very reluctant to listen to our message. There are also a few very anti congregations out here. But it's all good in MoTown. 

Anyway thats about it for the week. More catfish was eaten on Friday night. More people's homes were knocked on and more people were introduced to the only true gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it is. 

Love yall. Miss yall 

 the district. + Zone Leaders 

so this kid is legit. We were at a funeral for a lady who passed away and basically knew everyone in town. This is her great great grandson. He lives in Denver Colorado. His name is McKay. He is my new best friend. Now one of the Monicas. ->@sarahmitchelle @bananas4me 

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