Monday, February 6, 2017

Drive on down to the caution light there's a little country store with an old coke sign...

The subject of this week's email happened to me this week. 

This week's has been the biggest culture shock of my mission thus far. So... To explain my area. Trees, with a few houses in between. A restaurant called "farm boy" that has all you can eat catfish on Fridays, where we met the nicest people who, since the rest of the place was PACKED with the entire County, asked if they could sit by us. They then offered to pay for our meal! The father knew everyone who walked in. Literally. Everyone. It was legit. So awesome. I love it out here. Yall. I'm fixin to buy me up some land out ere ya know? I rekon the land is really cheap. Anyway...

My companion is Elder Mathews. HE IS A BOSS!!! He is such a great teacher and always knows when to follow the spirit. He is from a very small town in Nevada about 3 hours north of Las Vegas. He is a farm boy. Super humble. He has a great voice, super good at wrestling and is just an all around great guy to serve with. I am very grateful to be preaching the good word with him for these few weeks. 

So this week during... I guess the grand scheme of everything I was able to feel the spirit strongly all the time. During district meeting while I was helping our district set goals, I felt very prompted to increase some of the goals. Now I didn't want to say anything because I was in Clarksville before where the areas are POPPIN! Elder Taylor and I were finding 10+ new investigators a week. In this district we set a goal for 7 new a week. And I was thinking "okay.... that's less than 2 new a week for each comp. we can do better than that." So we bumped it up to 8 after praying but then I thought of something;) hehe here we go. 

So our goals for the transfer are 8 Baptisms, 8 New investigators/week, 8 attend sacrament per week, and 12 Member present (I know that this isn't a key indicator but it's still important) So I asked everyone to set companionship goals for the transfer. I then asked everyone, at a later date, what those goals were. And it turned out exactly how I wanted it to. The "Unknown" Goal is now 11 Baptisms, 12 investigators at sacrament meeting, 11 new per week, and 14 member present per week. So hopefully we can be somewhere in between those goals! It would be awesome. 

I love this area already. It's awesome. So many kind people. People who love Jesus. I love Jesus. He did everything for me an I'm just out here doin my best to serve him. 

I love y'all so much. Keep workin hard in whatever you're doin!:) 


First house knocked on in Morgantown 

Throw back? 

My little downtown 

Me and da real MTC homie (Sis. McFarland) hit 9 Months

Just a typical day in the life of this G.

Now I guess the real question is... Where is David Archuleta in this picture??? (Jessop, me, Mathews) Family reunion.

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