Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You know how to dougie? Naw not in Kentucky...

So I want yall go say this next sentence like a real southerner--aye y'all Ben up on da hill up ovr ere? Well, I kno em people up ere. Them's good people up ere.  Y'all should go and see em. Jus go down cross da haller then up. Right ere on the left cross from the old gas station. Well it ain't a gas station no more. But you'll see it. 

This week has actually been pretty slow. And it ain't gonna get too much faster this week. We tracked and tracted and didn't find a single new investigator. We are having some pretty good lessons with a girl and her boyfriend. They have a date for April 14th. So it's a ways out but I know A will make it. W is a former JW and is still pretty stuck in his ways. They have a son named X. He is adorable. Anyway we are making some great progress with them. 

Another interesting thing happened last week which I can't remember if I shared or not but we were out in the sticks and were wanted to use miles effectively. So we went and visited this one lady who hadn't met with missionaries in a year or so and she is awesome. She believes the church is 98% true. There are just a few hang ups that she doesn't agree with but we will iron out those details later. We have just been having some great gospel conversations with her and will continue to do that for a while. We are going out to do some service for her later this week. She has a gorgeous yellow lab who is so much fun. Today when we pulled up I opened my door and the dog just hopped in onto my lap and got mud all over me. Whatever lol. I know that there are missionaries in other countries who get muddy every day so I ain't worried bout nothin. 

I love this area. It is super poor. The people are not too humble. But are pretty darn nice. The branch is small but wants to share the gospel. I want to help so much. It is awesome to see the change in me. I don't want to sound prideful, but I have seen the change in myself. I really have such a strong desire to share the gospel with people. I am not afraid to offend the devil. I want to wake up in the morning ready to go knock on doors all day. I'm still working on that desire but I have gotten to the point where I have a BLAST going tracting. The hardest part is getting out of the car to go knock. Once you've started you're good. Anyway.... I love this work. So much. That is all. 

Love y'all!!!! 

sketchy house. But it's all good. We figured no one lived there. 

Full gospel Eh? Here. Take a Pamphlet.

All you can eat catfish for $6.50. 

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