Tuesday, November 1, 2016

His fingerprints are everywhere I just slow down to stop and stare, open my eyes and man I swear... I saw God today

This week was another good one. I am finally getting the hang of this thing called missionary work. I'm not going to say that I'm good at it just yet because I'm not. Haha but we are working with a lot of less active families who have needed to be pushed a little bit. This past week, with some part member families we had good solid lessons about the Book of Mormon. We extended a firm invitation for them to read the Book of Mormon, to truly ponder it in their hearts and then to ask God if it is true. If they do that, then they WILL come to know that this is all true. That Jesus Christs church has been restored through a Prophet. That HE lives, and through Him we are able to make it back to our Father in Heaven. 

I am seriously SO SICK AND TIRED of serving around people who are going home!!!  A few days ago I was thinking about going home next Wednesday just like Elder Tracy is, (not going home, but that my 2 years is up) and going to see my family. But then I was like... oh wait. HA!! You've still got 18 months bud!! Haha it was funny. I laughed a little. 

On Wednesday when we were out knocking doors, we knocked on this one door and thins college girl answered. She was... how you say.... drunk. It was so funny trying to carry a conversation with her. She was like "Guys! You'll never guess but I have Mormon friends! Ya they are on their missions.  When do you guys go on your missions!?!?" I was like.... "We are kinda on it right now?" Then she flipped out and was like "NO WAY!!!! That's awesome. Good job guys. Give me a pamphlet to read or something and I'll read it." So we did! Haha she hasn't called us yet but I'm not really expecting her to remember us visiting her. Haha 

Anyway HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We have to be in our apartment by 6:00 tonight so not too much stuff will be done today. Love and miss y'all so much. I can promis you that not a day goes by without thinking of you. 



We tryina thug it out ere but we are missionaries. Hannah, that pose is for you. 

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