Monday, November 14, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Holy junk it's getting cold out here in da south. This ain't nothin like da Aina weather in Hawaii or even in California. I looked at the weather for Long Beach (@sarahmitchell) and it was like 92 degrees still.... I hate you. But It's November. There shouldn't be crispy grass because it's frozen yet. That's like a mid January February thing... welp. I'm stoked. 

This week was pretty fun! I got some letters from some of my favorite people! Y'all know who you are;) thank you so much. I will write back as soon as I get the chance. 

I had some pretty cool opportunities this week. The work here is still slow and will probably be slow until the millennium, but on Tuesday Elder Olsen gave me a call and asked if I could help out with a baptism down in Paris! D and A, who I taught about 3 weeks ago down there on exchanges with Olsen, were getting baptized and since A is blind and confound to his wheelchair, they needed some help with getting him into the font. So I was able to help
out with that! Such a great experience. The spirit when there is a baptism especially of a convert is very sweet and different that any other time in life. It's great. 

I did have a pretty great dejavu moment this week. It happened when we got the call that this man in the Ward was in the hospital. I will say he is pretty darn stubborn in... pretty much everything he does and refused to let us help him do some work on his property. (Oh he owns about 6 acres of land and his house is pretty much exactly what I want) a few weeks ago we went, as an elders quorum, to cut up some of his trees that had fallen down. Those who helped me about 2 years ago, woah.... It's been that long, know what I'm getting at. So these pieces of these trees were sitting out in front of his house, so we took the chance to help him out! We went and split the wood on Thursday and it was so much fun! Thank you eagle project for teaching me how to split wood! 

I hope y'all, this week find a way to draw closer to your loving father in Heaven. I know that as you try and do so he will pour out his love to you. 



Zone meeting on Tuesday! Elder Olsen and I are in the MMA stare off. Elder Rock has got the chair. Sister Monson is peacin' out, Sister Steinman is confused and sister Ashment is freakin out.

Woah bruhhhh Deja Vu....

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