Monday, November 21, 2016

There's so much to be thankful for...

Merry Thanksgiving and a happy Black Friday!

There is not other way to be grateful for things than to fight over a bunch of semi good deals! 

Oh boy, this week was full of good things. Elder olsen and I went on exchanges down in Paris Tennessee. We were able to get a lot of work done. We went to visit the people who were baptized last Saturday and they are amazing. Oh my goodness they have such a solid testimony of everything. The whole gospel. It's fantastic! They gave us a present of trail mix! It was simple, but so nice of them. 

We also went and did service for an older woman who calls herself Grandma Nut! She asked me to give her my moms phone number. I got an email earlier this week where mom told me she got a call from a lady (grandma nut) who was nice and loved having the missionaries over. Oh boy she had so much stuff in her home. There was one room just completely full of stuff. We were looking for a door and we couldn't NOT find this door! So I climbed on top of this pile of stuff and she walked in and looked at me and said "Oh! Hi! Did you find it up there?😂" She is so sweet. 

So far we have had one thanksgiving dinner. The Gs invited us over tonight and that house was crazy. Their home is a double wide trailer with a little.... room? Tower? Something, coming out of the top of the house. It is fantastic! Redneck ingenuity!! Anyway, we went out there and they are such a nice family. Swear words flying because someone cheated at cards, someone else says "shut up the elders are here!" That made me chuckle. A few weeks ago I put a PING sticker on the back of my iPad case. One of the first things that T G said to me was "Do you golf!?!?" About 45 minutes later another one of the guys there said "PING? You golf??" So we talked about golfing for a long while. They said that one PDay he is going to take us golfing. I'm stoked. 

That's pretty much it for the week. I miss all y'all. This will be the 2nd thanksgiving away from home. But my mind will and always is thinking about y'all. I miss wrestling with all the cousins, Carson, Kyson, S

hay, Jackson, and any other cousin who participated in these matches. 

Love you guys!!

Elder olsen and I Match! 

Took this picture yesterday. It was on our car. Didn't turn out exactly they way I wanted it to but it's still kinda cool. 

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