Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Here come goodbye, here comes the last time, here comes the start of every sleepless night....

My final week here in Sango was super hard. Probably one of the hardest I've had on my mission thus far. I thought I would be here for at least another 6 weeks, but on Tuesday, I had a feeling something was gonna happen. So here we are. I've got one more day here and I don't want to leave. Yesterday was super hard trying to keep a smile on my face when I really just wanted to cry. The hardest one was when a guy in the Ward (Bro D-- standing at about 6'6") said nope you're not supposed to move, you need to stay here. He told me that I have to stop by sometime before I leave. So we will be going by sometime today. 

I know that the hardest goodbye will be with the O's tonight. I am... worried about them. They are struggling right now as a family with a lot of stressful things occurring. They are so awesome. I did promise them that after my mission I will come and find them wherever they are and be how A says "A normal person" haha. 

Something that has occurred to me a lot, is that people in the church respect missionaries a lot. They expect a lot from them. Last night when we were at dinner, the father of the home asked us to "bring the spirit I to the home." I thought to myself, you guys can do that? Y'all are active member of the Ward. Nothing bad is going on in this home, y'all are a great spiritual family. I am just a kid who has barely any idea what I am doing out here. I guess that comes with the calling. That is why I have been set apart for this. So that I can, as I am obedient, have the spirit with me at all time and more abundantly that ever. I have been set apart to share the gospel with others and promised blessings and given authority to call people to repentance. I did that for the first time yesterday. I said this "You guys need to repent of the things y'all are doing. They may not be big, but you need to repent. Moroni 7:33-34 tells us that if we repent, we will have the spirit with us and we can be saved as we continue to work. So if you lack the spirit, repent."  I kinda shocked myself as I said this. But each one of the members of the family nodded their heads, agreeing with what I said. That was a scary moment because I didn't want to get called out for that. But that is the calling. I have been called to call people to repentance. Invite others to come into Christ, repent and be baptized. 

We still struggled finding investigators this week so good luck to the new elder who comes to this area. Hopefully he can find more success than I did! We did have something interesting happen. While we were biking up to the O's for dinner, a guy pulled off to the side of the road and talked to us for us for a while and offered us a job to work for him. But he said that if you guys are working this hard to bike around I might as well listen to what y'all have to say. So we are trying to get into contact with him so we can share the gospel with him. 

That's pretty much it for the week! Love y'all talk to ya from Murray Kentucky next week!!


Johnny Depps house 

District selfie!

Cheesecake and BOM

Saying goodbye to the J family. We went over to their house almost every single Friday since I've gotten here. They are awesome. (Left to right: D, C, E, me, A, H, sis. J) 

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