Monday, September 19, 2016

Ya gotta dig your roots 'fore the sun goes down show some love back to your hometown..

Heard this song in the store the other day. Man. I guess FGLs (Florida
Georgia line) new album is 🔥🔥!!
This week was full of surprises and interesting things haha!! The
first thing that I can remember is how we went tracting on a street
that Elder Jessop knocked on while I was on an exchange... Oops.. The
first guy who opened the door said "You guys are leading people
straight to Hell." Wow. That is a great way to start off the day!! We
ended up later that day talking to some people and giving them a Book
of Mormon. Super good people. They were interested in the book but not
too much about the church. Maybe they'll give us a call later haha.

This week I did 3 baptismal interviews!! The first one was with a
little girl who is 9. She reminded me of KJ. She was so adorable and
sooooo shyyyy until I showed her some pictures of kaitlyn and told her
about KJ. Then she realized that I was a normal person and I have a
family. I just about started crying when she asked me when the last
time I say her was. I told her about 4.5 months. She told me wow!
That's a long time. When do you get to see her again?..... 2 years...
Tears ran down my face in front of this little girl.... She started
talking to me a lot after that. She invited me to her baptism but I
couldn't make it we were busy at the time she was getting baptized.

We are really just trying to find people to teach. We still have had
no luck finding anyone. We are trying to get the O's to invite their
friends  to come listen to the discussions. They are so
scared to ask them. We will get them to invite them.

Last night we taught them how to have a family home evening! It was
awesome. We sang I am a child of God and then A gave us a great
prayer (we are working on her praying) had a great lesson and showed
the video "Mountians to climb" talking about faith. Watch it. It's

At church I learned a scripture that I love that says "How long can
rolling waters remain impure?" That hit me like a ton of bricks. How
long can someone who is going through trial after trial remain impure
by keeping their faith? What is cleaner? Stagnant water? Or rushing
water? Campers-- I lied. Anyone should know that answer. Rushing water
is cleaner. As we go through trials, as we have our faith tested we
will become more pure as we maintain our faith and trust in God.

Love y'all


this picture encompasses everything I think of when I think of "Country". Old truck. Run down barn, tractor, barbed wire fence, blue skies with puffy clouds. No filter. Insta worthy. (Rach that's all you)  

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