Monday, September 12, 2016

It's cities and farms it's open arms, one nation under God! It's America!!

This week was awesome. We are still struggling to find new people to
teach but we are searching. It is so awesome to try and find some of
these people. One guy we tracted into was on the board for the HOA
(Home owners association) and told us that we are not allowed to
solicit in the neighborhood. Side note. We are technically not
soliciting and it is proven in the law as well. Thank you Jehovah
Witnesses.  But he told us he wouldn't run us off. But we ended up
talking to him for an hour! He invited us inside and we talked and got
to know each other. He really wasn't that interested but it is always
so nice for people to just take time to talk to us about Jesus Christ.
This man studied Theology and is a minister at a Non-Denominational
church across from the interstate on exit 11. (Oh they call the
freeway the interstate here and the exit, like Tracy BLVD or 11th
street by their exit number took me sooooo lonnngggg to figure that
out.) But we talked for a long time about how we all just need to
believe that Jesus Christ died for us Yada Yada Yada. He started
talking about questions that he had and we were like WE CAN ANSWER ALL
OF THESE!! But there was some deep stuff that I know about but not
well enough to answer for him. He was such a good guy. He accepted a
Book of Mormon and his daughter took a pamphlet. She didn't seem that
interested but elder case was so stoked and excited when he asked them
if they would come to church. She said maybe..(No) but he was looking
for them and talking about them all day on Sunday. Haha ohh man:)
greenie fire right thuurrr haha. I had it too so I can tease about it.

The O's. Let me tell you something. BEST FAMILY EVAH!!! I don't care
what any of y'all say. These are the best people ever. When we go on
exchanges, everyone says "Man I wish they were in my area." N
texts us every day and asks the same thing. "Y'all know what I'm going
to ask... Do y'all have dinner tonight?" This past week not too many
people signed up for dinner so we were over there a lot this past
week. We have taught so many great lessons with them. Last night after
church we talked about where the "Pre-Earth life" information came
from. We started talking about the Pearl of Great Price and G was
super interested. We did warn him that we won't be able to answer all
of his questions about it and he was okay with that hahah!!

On Tuesday we were able to take G out with us to a lesson where he
did an AWESOME job. He made so many great comments and helped us so
much! He is such a blessing. He has also been called to be the Elders
Quorum secretary.  His baptismal records aren't even in yet... My bad.
A is the First councilor in the Laurel class. N doesn't
have a calling yet. She doesn't want one. But she will get one. Give
it a month or so.

Man I love my area so much. I don't want to leave this place. Thank
goodness I have at least another few months here. I love the Ward. I
love the people. I love this church. It is true.

Love y'all


I also decided to quit my job and become a sport announcer. By that I mean, announce the things that happen in the Orr home. Crazy things. Let me tell ya hahah 

A took my iPad on the way home from the temple on Monday

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