Monday, September 5, 2016

Oh man we were living, didn't waste one minute we talked and drank and danced and said goodbye, we laughed until we cried.

Wait... Has this really been 4 months??? Woah...

First of all I'm going to apologize that this email is going to be
short. We are going to the temple with the O family to walk around!!
I'm so excited for them to see the temple. Yesterday G(the dad)received
the Priesthood!!!!! I was blessed to have the opportunity to ordain
him to the office of priest. It was funny because I had NO idea what I
was going to say before the blessing but once I placed my hands on his
head, the words flowed out. I don't even remember thinking while I was
talking. The blessing was for him. He glowed. Oh. And he bore is
testimony during church today. You know. No big deal at all. I just
sat there and cried as he told his story about how he came to find
that all of this was true. He has told us a bunch of times his story,
but the things he shared are the things that you hear from converts of
years. Not days/weeks. I seriously wish y'all could meet them. They
are such a great family. I love them so much.

Man this week was a good'un. We didn't really get to meet any new
people. Something that we are going to start working on is the less
actives. We have so many in the Ward that just don't come to church. I
have met almost all of them. Most don't want to have too much contact
with the church but that's their salvation I guess... We did have a
somewhat strange experience however... A lady sent us a referral
online through and she said that she was a very less active
lady who wanted to "start new" so we went over and talked to her for
an hour or so. She has had so many  terrible experiences with the
church. So much so that I don't blame her for not wanting to associate
with the people of the church anymore. she is hoping that since she
hasn't been in such a long time, she will find that "new" feeling in
the Ward. I really hope she finds that.

Sorry! That's all I've got time for this week! I miss all y'all so much.

Love ya
P.S. I'm doing a terrible job of taking pictures so bear with me.

All y'all should send me pictures so I can plaster this wall with em 

I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday!! It was so awesome being able to finish it. It is such a great book. If you know me you know I hate reading. But I finished this book faster than I have any other book (per the 500 pages) I read it I just over 2 months. Read it to know its true. I promise you, that if you read it you will know that it is true. 

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