Monday, August 1, 2016

I will go most anywhere to feel like I belong

SUCH A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!! Oh man! So first off we were able to meet
with the Os again. They were the people I tracted into a few weeks
ago. We had a lesson with them Tuesday and we taught the Plan of
Salvation. They were really intent when they were listening. We are
really working on involving the people we teach but we didn't do as
well of that this lesson. But anyway we were talking about what we
need to do during this life in order to become closer to God and be
able to return to live with him. We talked about baptism by the proper
authority. We then extended an invitation to be baptized. They said
yes. So then we left and then were like... WAIT. WHAT!?!?!? They said
yes! We finally have progress in our are!!!!!! So if everything goes
according to plan we will be having a baptismal service on the 20th
for 3 maybe 4 people depending on if they want A (their 8 year old
son) to get baptized. We had another lesson with them Saturday and
we talked to them about their feelings towards it and G (Husband)
said "Well I will usually get a feeling if something isn't right, and
I haven't got that yet so I'm gonna go with this until I get that
feeling." We were so relieved to hear that. We are so excited for
them. Hopefully the concerns that they have can continue to be
resolved as we keep progressing in lessons and helping them grow their

Really other than that we had a really hard week... We probably
knocked on 300 doors and maybe 1 person talked to us for longer than
30 seconds. And maybe 75 of those people opened their doors... It was
really weird. Literally no one was talking or opening their doors...

Something cool that is happening in this Ward is it is that time of
year when everyone moves. All the military people are going to their
various places around the world. There is one family who is going to
Hawaii! They told me that they need to find someone to baby sit their
kids. I told them that I have a bunch of friends going to school out
there so if any of y'all want a babysitting job for a little let me

We have had 4 new families move into the Ward within the last 2 weeks.
They are all so great. The Ward is huge now! There were so many people
at church yesterday it was crazy! We are finally getting members to
come out with us. This is helping so much... It means so much more to
the investigator when members come out with the missionaries.
Especially when they come to church. They know someone there.

Oh I almost forgot to explain the subject. Yesterday during church we
watched Hercules. We talked about our divine potential. No complaints

I hope y'all had a great week!


Don't have any pictures this week... But I found this on I love and miss home. 

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