Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Makes me wanna take a back road! Makes me wanna take the long way home!

This was an Interesting week!! First off... Elder Jessop and I are
going to make a lawn care business when we get home. We mowed 2 huge
lawns this week and are becoming quite good if I do say so my self. As
always we mowed Sis. Becks lawn but also one of the Recent Converts in
the Ward had surgery on Monday. So he needed us to mow his lawn and
will for the next few months. Sooo we will become pro's.

The entire week was yet again very difficult. I thought about titling
this article as "I was preaching out loud; thinking bout quittin; but
right bout now I'm sure glad I didn't; cuz just when I thought it
couldn't get no hotter; I caught a glimpse of spiritual power." (To
the tune of The farmers daughter) I've come to understand what the
definition of Hot is. California people-- Yes it's hot there. Middle
of the day when its pushing 110? At the hottest? Doesn't hold up to
the 93 degree with 90% humidity weather we have here. Sis. Flaherty
(MTC District) said it best in an email she said a few weeks ago. "I
would rather Bake, than get boiled" I have one word for that.
Truuuuuuuuuu..... It's sooo hot. Yesterday (Sunday) we had a fireside
that got out around 8:45ish and we left the house and choked on how
hot it still was outside.

This week was hard once again. We had such a tough time tracting this
week. Let me tell ya. I CANNOT WAIT FOR ELECTIONS TO BE OVER!!! We got
into this guys home who told us how great Donald trump was and how we
needed to "get rid of the trash we have in the White House right now"
--His words not mine-- I'm sooo sick of people telling us about who we
need to vote for and why and Yada Yada Yada! I DONT CARE ANYMORE! We
aren't here to talk about politics! "We are the missionaries! Would
you like to hear the gospel??" Is what we say to that. Hahah fun

So! We had another great lesson with "N" and her whole family!
They loved the first discussion! The daughter "A" really, and I
mean really, enjoyed the first vision. She took so many notes! Then
yesterday they were at church!!! And we don't know how well they liked
it but we will find out later this week! We do know that "A" loved
it. She was at the fireside that we had with the youth. We talked to
her and she told us that she can't wait to learn more! She took a ton
of notes and during Sunday school she talked about how she learned
about the first vision. Oh man I can't tell you how excited I am for
her and the family!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope y'all had a great week!
Elder Maxfield

Time to put the subject into context. Elder Jessop and I were in the sticks and were using my gps. It told us to go down this dirt/gravel road to get to another road. Long story short. The road ended. But pretty area. 

This is the lava that is pouring from the sky. It's beautiful! Just don't be outside. Ever. It's too dang hot.

Zone conference on Friday! Such a good meeting! 

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