Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Brought to you courtesy of the Red White and Blueeee

Fourth of July week has been so much fun! Something that I don't know
I have explained very well, we live literally 10 miles away from an
army base so everyone here is military related. So everyone loves the
fourth sooo much! Everyone wishes everyone happy Fourth of July! I
love it.

This week was awesome! Yet slow haha on Tuesday I went to a trainer
trainee meeting where we meet with all of the people who are still in
their first six weeks. So basically everyone I came out with! It was
down in Nashville and it was also president Anderson's last meeting
with the mission. Tears were shed. Sis. Anderson cried so much! She
had absolutely dedicated her past 3 years to study and service. She is
a huge example to everyone in this mission. She knows everything about
the Preach my Gospel book. She can't remember how many times she has
studied it.

During the meeting we talked about many things, but something that
stuck out to me is tracting approaches and study habits. If you know
me/went to school with me and studied with me, you know that I'm not
very good at staying focused or studying the correct things. I learned
how to better focus my efforts during the hour of study time, and be
prepared for the day ahead of me.

This week was tough... All of our investigators were out of town. All
of the less actives we have been visiting were gone. So guess what we
did ALL WEEK!?!? TRACTING!!! Yaaayy! My favorite. We only got one new
investigator from it but almost everyone was super nice to us! We are
working on this one area that is very wealthy. Most of the people are
content with life and aren't searching for religion. Or another
religion that is. I've come to find and meet some really cool people!
One guy I talked to is 60 years old and is training for another
triathlon! Some other people are high level pilots for the army.
Others are high ranking generals, owners of companies. It's basically
the Alamo or Danville of Clarksville. Haha

Speaking of Danville, President Stone arrived here on Thursday! I'm so
very excited to meet him. So many people have told me so much about
him. Sounds like a great guy.

If anyone is keeping track, it's transfers this week! Guess where I'm going!?

Elder Reese Maxfield

Downtown Nashville.

Best Book of Mormon placement ever

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