Monday, June 27, 2016

Restoration and Country Music

Ohh man! What a great week!!!! First off to start the week we went to
these apartment complexes and knocked on doors for about 2.5 hours. It
was awful. It was so hot and we "stinketh" as they say. The humidity
here is bad. Whoever started school in Hawaii last summer in August,
remember that last week in July? How flipping hot it was? Yeah... Now
add about 10 degrees and wear a white shirt, slacks, tie and church
shoes. Oh and bike around all day long! So fantastic! 👍🏼 we got
basically nowhere from tracting but that's okay. We them went to
dinner with a family who's son just got back from SLC east Spanish
mission. He came out with us to an appointment with Amber. Remember
her from a few weeks ago? We tracked into her? Anyway we told her we
were coming that Tuesday evening and when we knocked on her door she
didn't answer! Her dogs are barking like crazy, but it didn't seem
like she was home. As we got in the car to drive away she sent us a
text that asked if that was us at the door. We were super happy and
then went on to teach her a great lesson about the restoration! We
talk to her for about an hour and extended baptismal invite for her.
She said that as soon as she comes to know that the book of Mormon is
true she will be baptized! She really has A desire to learn more about
our gospel. She knows so many Mormons and loves the example that they
are to her. She wants to have that light in the kindness that she sees
her friends. My LDS friends, it's amazing to see how much of an impact
we have on the people around us. You are a light to those around you,
even if you don't realize it. People notice us. They realize that we
are a little bit different than other people. What Amber noticed
specifically is how kind her friends are to her and to everyone around
her. We will never know exactly who we are in example to and how we
are in example to them.

The next half of the week, Elder Adair and I went on exchanges. We
served in the Clarksville 2nd Ward up near the border of Kentucky. We
are literally about 500 feet away from the Kentucky border at the
apartment. He and I got along really well! The first night that we
were on the exchange, we turned off the lights at 10:30 just like the
white handbook says too, but we stayed up until about 12:30 or 1:00
talking about music. Hahah it was really fun! We both love country
music so we made a list of songs that we love. We also talked about
some songs that bring us back to places, ones that we love or can't
sing anymore. We both have a lot of those. We ended up making a list
of all the songs that we sang/talked about that night. It was 3.5
pages of song titles! Sooo much fun!

Although we had a lot of fun, we also did a lot of hard work! One of
the investigators in that area is named Tristan. He is such a great
kid! I think he's 14 years old and his parents are less active
members. He has A huge desire to continue to read the book of Mormon.
His goal is to read 10 minutes every single day for the rest of his
life. He has a lot of questions about it and is willing to ask us all
of them. By all of his questions I mean ALL of his questions. We spent
about 45 minutes talking about his questions just from first Nephi. We
had to wrap up the lesson in about 15 minutes and get out of there to
head to the next appointment. He is such a great kid.

has this happened!?!? Man! I'm so excited for you Sarah! You're gonna
do so great! Hannah and Stephen are not too far behind! So excited for
all of you guys!

That's about it for the week! I'm very grateful for the two people
that took pictures of me at dinner this past week and sent them home
to my mom! That was really fun because it was kind of like talking to
her through them.

I hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Reese Maxfield

Elder Maxfield and Elder Jessop

Throwing it back to Da Bus on Da Aina

More sunset pictures haha sorry. It's so pretty.

A storms a brewin

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