Monday, June 6, 2016


I don't even know what to do right now. Elder Jessop and I are living,
how you say, "the struggle." It is very real here in Sango. We can't
find hardly anyone to teach. We go and tract for at least an hour each
day and no one has wanted to hear our message. But that's okay I'm
tying to keep my head held high, work hard, and keep my faith in God
high. I know that as I continue to keep my faith in Him, we will find
people to teach.

The other day I got really discouraged while biking around... I'm
began to become really homesick, not that I miss home or I need to go
home, but that I have 23 months left here. That's a loonnngggg time!
It didn't really hit me until Tuesday while elder Jessop and I were
riding on our bikes along these roads. Let me tell you, these roads
are no joke. I mean there are hills (kinda like the ride to midway or
Patterson pass) EVERYWHERE. I mean EVERYWHERE. I honestly think my
legs are going to fall off. It's super pretty but still....
Ughhhhhh.... Anyway, when these thoughts hit my mind I just think of
where I was 2 years ago. I think of what point of life I was in and
how fast the time went. Gosh, wow. I'm thinking about it again now. I
mean I was dating someone who is now married, I'm on a mission, all of
my friends are on missions/going to be on missions, etc... Wow... Haha
okay anyway lol

I got to see Elder Cox and Sis. McFarland this week! (MTC district) It
was so great being able to see them! We had dinner with this one
family who is inactive part member who are such great people! The wife
is a less active member who is married to a baptist and to
avoid conflict in the family, don't go to church. The Gottschocks are
so great! They brought us to their home out in the middle of nowhere.
Fed us Dickeys BBQ and we were able to teach a lesson. They always
love hearing them. I hope and pray that one day they will get

Saturday was a struggle. Elder Jessop and I got the impression that we
needed to go to this area of our mission that's up more north of us.
If y'all wanna map it its up near the "Kirkwood baptist church." We
went to a few members homes up there in a neighborhood with a main
street called upland terrace. Let me remind you, we have bikes. No
car. Just bikes. So we ended up biking all the way out there. SUPER
PRETTY! I'll send pics in another email but it was SO FAR AWAY
#nickleback. We ended up going a total of 33.6 miles if not more. So
my legs feel like they gon fall off right 'bout now. But it's okay.
I'm going to be able to do those Tri's with Ryan and others when I get
back. Possibly beat him on the riding portion. Hahah

Well that's all I have. It's been a tough week. I pray for all of you
each night and love and miss you all so very much. I hope you enjoy my

Elder Reese Maxfield

Hmmm 24 mph? Okay

We saw this house on the way to that area super fer away. IT'S HUGE. So much property!

I'm searching for investigators but all I see is corn fields. 

"Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of graaaaaiiinnn" I don't see no purple mountains tho...But lots of 'Murica here!!

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