Monday, June 20, 2016

Storms and Heat--

So first off I hate LeBron (Princess) James. Just gotta get that out there.

Now back to business. This week was another rough one. Doors slammed
in faces are made up by nice people who literally get off their bike
while we tract to shake our hand and say "I appreciate what you are
doing." That's what I've come to love here in Sango. The 75% of people
that we talk to are kind and say "Thank you! But no thank you." The
other 24% say "don't come up here we aren't interested!" But that
1%... Ohhh that special one percent--- are members. Hahah😂😂 yah the
work is tough here. People know and love Jesus and are firm in their

But hey! We did have one investigator at church!  He is 17 and is a great kid. His
friend is Sis. Becks son who is actually inactive. But he was really
interested at church. His friend Andrew, was kinda wandering around
and elder Jessop and I were worried that he would stay with
Andrew. But he didn't! He came to all of our meetings with us! He was
following along with me in the book! Hopefully he is actually really

We also started teaching a lady names Carol. She is also friends with
Sis. Beck. She is probably 65 and her husband is in very poor health.
But we taught her the first lesson and extended a baptismal invite!
She said if she comes to know that these things are true she will be

Welp if y'all want a quick summary of the week here ya go.
miscellaneous things=our week! There was a sweeeeettt storm that came
through here on..... Wednesday? I think? But I got a sick picture!
I'll send that in a second. It was almost clear skies and HOT but then
all of a sudden it got really cold and dark and windy. No green skies
though. No tornado. Yet. ;)

Anyway! I hope all of y'all have had a good week! Miss you and love
you. I think about everyone who reads this every day. I pray for you
all the time. I love y'all and I would love to hear from you guys!
Have a great week!

Elder Reese Maxfield

This is that storm I was talking about. We went out of this members
house and looked up and said... Ummm we are gonna go back inside.

One thing here is the sunsets are absolutely gorgeous at least 4/7 nights every week. No filter. None needed. 

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