Monday, July 18, 2016

Help the next one in line; always stay humble and kind

Okay I'm gonna be honest, this week was hard. So I'm not going to have
too much to say.
First off Amber told us that she couldn't meet with us for a while
until the end of the summer so that was upsetting.

Next, we had 2 days where we had absolutely ZERO lessons. None. Nada.

Then we had someone invite us to read the bible. Hahah that's funny.
I've studied that every day for at least 45 minutes for the past 2
months. It was ironic because when we asked her a question about the
bible, she didn't know what to say. She didn't know the answer. That
made me chuckle.

I came to find that I'm not afraid of guns. We talked to this guy who
was getting out of his car and had this really really nice pistol. He
pulled it out of his car as we walked up to him. And he held it off to
the side of him as we talked to him for a second. So Ya haha it
didn't worry me at all.

We taught Natashia again and had a really good discussion with her.
She really opened up to us and she wants to learn more! She is
really self conscious. We invited her to be baptized. She said that 
she would like to learn more. But she was
leaning towards yeah! So that was exciting.

But yah that was the week. It was tough But it's all good.

Love y'all
Elder Maxfield
Really pretty sunset. Andrea is in there if y'all can find her haha 
Mom edit - Andrea is someone in there Ward that was walking by when he took the picture

Oh we meet again corn stocks. I see you've grown. Not really meeting your full potential though. There are taller stocks everywhere else. 8+ feet. These are maybe 6

This was the funniest thing ever. We didn't knock but left a Book of Mormon and this card.
Mom edit- zoom in to see what they wrote on the pass along card.

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