Monday, August 8, 2016

I can't take the diamonds fallin down

So if y'all are wondering why I have the subject line of my
emails/blog posts as song lyrics, it's because I still love music.
Whenever we go into a store or fast food place they are playing music.
I'm not complaining, at all. I still love music. I miss listening to
my country and all other forms of music. Anyway, when we go to these
places I sometimes/usually hear a song that takes me back to a place
whether it me school, home or songs that remind me of people. This
song reminds me of my sister Kaitlyn. "Diamonds" by Rob Thomas was her
favorite song that she would ALWAYS watch the music video. She had it
memorized by the age of...4? I think? Sure why not. Anyway she loves
it. I was eating my healthy taco from the one and only Taco Bell and
this song came on and a tear ran down my cheek bringing back the sweet
memory of her. I miss you KJ. Love you sweet girl.

So, moving on with my week, we had a great week! The Os are moving
and progressing onwards towards baptism! I am so happy for them! G
believes that the church is true as does A. N believes it
is as well but has some concerns about her coffee. She LOVES her
coffee. However she knows it's not good for her specifically. She has
a medical thing where she isn't supposed to drink coffee. So we solved
her problem. Now, elder Jessop and I are hopefully the only elders in
the mission with a bag of Dunkin Doughnuts coffee in our apartment.
(Meaning we took her coffee from her) She was so maddddd! But she was
smiling at the same time😂 it was that "I hate y'all with all my heart
but love y'all at the same time" smile😂😂 it was so funny. I really
wish y'all could meet them. They are the nicest family that have been
so prepared for the gospel.

C, another girl who is getting baptized on the 20th is also
continuing to progress. It's kinda awkward teaching her because she
already knows so much. She is reading the Book of Mormon for the 3rd
time now. It's crazy! I can't wait to see her continue to progress
towards baptism two weeks from now.

I'm sorry I don't have too much to talk about. We really do a lot more
than just talk to these people but it is either an "embarrassing after
mission story" or a "we tracked all day and met no one" story. So...

But one cool thing that happened this week is that president stone
took back all of the previous rules that have been in place from
President Anderson. One being music. So it is awesome to be able to
listen to some good Christian music other than MOTAB or Nashville
tribute over and over again.

The last thing I want to talk about is that this is the last week of
the transfer. We get calls Saturday, and the official transfer is Tuesday of next week. 
On the 16th. Baptisms are on the 20th. If one
of us, elder Jessop or I, get transferred we are going to be so upset!
We love these families so much and both want to watch them make these
promises with our Father in Heaven. Everyone is saying that I'm going
to be taking over the area and getting a new comp and elder Jessop is
gone. I really hope not. Elder Jessop and I get along so well. I'll
miss him a lot of he leaves the area. He has taught me so well even if
he thinks he hasn't. Haha

Well that all I've got for y'all this week. I want to wish Sis. Hannah
Smock safe travels today as she flys from Salt Lake to BRAZIL!
good luck out there girl! Love you!!

I love this church guys. I know it's true. For those of you who aren't
members of it I want to invite y'all to read the Book of Mormon, to
honestly ponder it even if it's just a little bit. If y'all want a
copy let me know. I can get you one. I can promise you that the book
is the way that we can come so much closer to God than we have ever in
the past. I have studied it, had my doubts, big doubts, but the more I
read it, the more I know that it's true.

Love y'all


District lunch after meetings.

A picture I've always wanted to take. Can now check it off the bucket list✔️

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