Monday, August 15, 2016

Lights will guide you home and ignite you're bones and I will thy to fix you

This week was so fantastic. Oh my goodness. So let's first go over
what will be going on with transfers. So elder Jessop and I are going
to be broken up Tuesday. He will be going down to Franklin
Tennessee where he will be a zone leader and also training a new
missionary! Stoked for him. As for me I will be stayin right here in
the great area of Sango where I will become the new district leader
and I will also be training!! I'm so excited to be able to help a
missionary start his mission just as I started mine a few months ago.
But I say this right now to explain what happened this week and why it

So we got these calls from Pres. Stone himself on Friday night, which
only happens if you are gon do something important like train or
become a ZL or DL. So when we saw him pop up on our phone... We looked
at each other and said... "NOOOO!!!!" Although I am sad to see elder
Jessop leave, I'm excited to help another elder. So this week we have
been kinda preparing for me to take over the area by going over to the
Os to teach them as many lessons as possible before we get split up.
This was so great. We had a lesson on Monday ? I think it was and we
decided that they needed to hear the Restoration again. So we taught
it Thursday. It was probably the most spiritual lesson I've been in
while I've been here.

We continued to go over to their house every other day or so. A,
the son about 9 years old, always comes up to us and wraps his arms
around our legs. I love that kid. He is crazy but he is a good kid. We
had a lesson with them last night at a new member in the wards home
(The dad reminds me on Uncle Jeff) We taught them about temples and
the promises and stuff associated with it and G (O) basically
taught the lesson. For example we discussed baptism for the dead and
literally just introduced that we do this "in proxy (in behalf) for
those who have passed on." He then went on to ask if he was
understanding it correctly he said "So this is kinda like how Jesus
Christ died on the cross for all of us and I (we) have the choice to
accept that or not right? So, if I'm understanding, the people who we
do these for still have their agency to accept the baptism right?" We
said. "Umm yep. You just quoted Brigham Young." We literally don't
even need to teach this family anymore. The spirit is teaching them
and has prepared them so much. I absolutely love this family.

During church today bishop announced that elder Jessop will be leaving
so before the lesson N(O mom) told us that she had a feeling
on Friday at 9:00 am that elder Jessop was leaving and that she broke
down into tears on her way to work. She said that she had started to
cry again when bishop announced it over the pulpit. During this
lesson, we asked her to say the prayer and she started to pray and
prayed for elder Jessop to continue to bring the spirit and this
gospel to others but had to stop because she started sobbing. The
spirit has changed her. She has had such a hard life.  I know that she had
found and applied the atonement in her life so much better now that
she knows and can associate the gifts of the spirit along with it.

During our lesson Tuesday they asked us the question "Why us? What
would have happened if we didn't answer or weren't home? She said and
told us the story of the day that we found her and we found her in the
30 minute period she was home before she was to leave to go get

I know that God has a plan for all of us. He knows when we are ready
for trials, blessings, all things that happen in this life. The things
that happen in this life prepare us for other things/obstacles. If we
put our trust in him we will conquer all.

Just want to say congratulations to Anne Peterson getting her mission
papers in and I'm excited to see what part of the world she will be
serving in!



Elder Jessop and I are extremely exhausted and think we are cool. Really bad combo. Really bad combo....

Thuggin it with a kid in the Ward.  He is the Ward mission leaders son. Cool kid. 

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