Monday, January 23, 2017

I wanna know 'bout the strangers like me

Well hello there. This week was fantastic. We worked hard, got super stressed out, dunked a ex-convict, found new investigators and did some service in a dream home. I will now proceed to explain all of these points. 

We worked our butts off this week. We have been going through our investigators and dropping some-- seeing if people are interested or not-->getting rid of those who aren't interested. So we are kinda low on people to teach. On Thursday we were about to go out to tract and it started pouring. So we decided to switch the day and weekly plan and save tracting for the next day. Well that turned out great. We were able to find 6 new investigators on Friday on top of the other 3 we had found earlier that week. It was great to see how the Lord really does provide as we get out and work. 

"A" got baptized on Saturday!!! We-me-- were super worried about baptizing him. We were looking for a SUPER big jumpsuit for him because like I said. He is a large guy. So we went out looking for the biggest one we could find. We couldn't find one. XL was the biggest we could find. So we went about looking for big enough pants for him... . Even big and tall stores didn't have white pants in the size we needed. So anyway we were freakin out but the Logans--senior couple-- came in clutch for us and found a jumpsuit that might work and we got permission to baptize him in normal clothes if all else failed. But the jumpsuit fit and one more person, a very large person was added to the church. 

Service. Ahhh let me tell you. So we had dinner with a family this week, the Endsly's but it worked out really weird because Bro. Endsly didn't get off work until late and we had appointments after dinner. So he just took us to Zaxbys real quick and we talked. He loves his Corvettes. He rebuilds them. For fun. He has the new C7 Stingray. He also has a few others that he is working on. It is awesome. But anyway we asked him if there was any service that we could do for him. He said "Oh my goodness!! I have so much stuff for y'all to do!" So we were stoked and went out to their house on Saturday and helped him with some stuff. We leveled out his garage that he is building, and began making one of the portable Garages so he can get his Stingray out of storage and up to this house. Speaking of the house. It is this rickety old looking hillbilly home on the outside. But when you go inside--Mom, Gamie-- you would be proud. The inside is beautiful. It is still a work in progress but it is such a gorgeous home. I didn't bring my iPad out there so I couldn't get any pictures but we should be going out there this week so I'll get some them. 

So this transfer is a long transfer at 7 weeks long. Calls will come this Saturday. The Spanish elders and Us have a deal doin on to see who is staying and who leaves. Whoever loses has to buy the winner lunch and this Buffett. It'll be fun to see what actually happens. Haha 

Well I love all y'all. I love this work. I am beginning, just barely beginning to figure out how to do it. I love my Savior. I love how he provided a way for me to get back to him and I am happy that I am able to help others get back to him. 


"A" the man with a bunch of dogs around him. Funny picture. 

District lunch plus the zone leaders and CV2 elders. 

We were trying so hard not to laugh. "A" is a thug.

When "A" sees the funny photo booth app. The thug turns into a Kid. 

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