Monday, January 16, 2017

God Im askin you to come change me into the Man i wanna be

This week was legit. So other than the fact that we are baptizing nations out here... hahahahahahahhahah jk @bananas4me -> Hannah Smock Baptizes more people each week than we teach hahah. But its been great. I love it here in Clarksville. The people here are... interesting... but really kind! I love it. 

So we contine to see miricals throughout the weeks here in Clarksville. It has been great being able to work this hard and see results. We will be having the 2nd baptism on the transfer on Saturday which is awesome. This will be my second baptism from tracting. 
We found A the second week we were here and he is so repentant. He is super excited to be baptized on Saturday. He didnt recieve an answer until we read through the interview questions with him. We got to the second question which is "Do you believe the Church and gospel of Jesus Christ have been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith?" and he said yes. We stopped and said "A you do realize what you just said right? You just said that you believe it to be true."

 He then went on and said that he guess he does and as the lesson went on he told us that he keeps looking back and continues to realize that he was getting his answer but just didnt recognize it. He was getting so frustrated that he wasn't recieving his answer. We were starting to get frustrated that he wasnt recieving it either. He was doing everything right. We had taught him all of the essential commantments and he was living them. He was reading the Book of Mormon, praying honestly and fervently. HE WANTED TO KNOW! He just didn't recognize he was recieving his answer all along. 

Welp i love my mission. The hermanas brought us by some extra food that a member gave them and we started talkin about how awesome missions are and how much they change you. It was super cool cuz we all started telling mission stories and i looked back and thought... oh no. Ive now lived in Tennessee longer than i lived in Hawaii... This is going by quick. I cant wait to keep working hard to bring souls closer to Jesus Christ.
Oh I also came to the conclusion that the people who live next door to us listen to KNBR 680 every morning. I can hear it actually right now. Now im on the other side of the county. That's pretty cool.

Love Yall

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