Monday, December 12, 2016

Ohhhh boyyyyy. This was not expected.  So transfer calls came this week. I'll give y'all a little time to think about where I'm going. But I'll give the hint. I'm not staying in Murray. 

This week was SO CRAZY!!!! So much stuff happened. I won't get into too many details but we had a general authority come and visit us on Thursday and that is what I'm going to talk mostly about in this weeks letter. 

Elder Kliebengat, a good buddy of my Padre, came and learned us up some knowledge. It was the best meeting I have been in on my mission if not my whole life. He basically told us that we need to do better but showed  love, care and concern with it all. It wasn't just "Man you guys are terrible missionaries." It was very blunt, but he told us and promised us that if we worked hard, were obedient, and shared the gospel with everyone we come into contact with them we will be blessed. One of the very blunt things he said was "The things you do on your mission reflect the depth of your conversion. If you are truly converted to the gospel you will be rushing out of the door to go preach. You will never miss your alarm at 6:30. Unless you're sick than that's okay. Get better so that you can continue to preach." This hit me super hard. Sometimes I am scared to go talk to people about the gospel. When we go out to eat or are in Walmart, I shouldn't be afraid of what I'm doing. I need to proclaim the gospel because I know how important it is. 

Another thing he said is "Knowledge is power." So true. Y'all know that already. The more we know. The more we can use it to help ourselves and others. 

Well I had a request from a certain someone to share my testimony. So here we go. 

I know, without a doubt that God lives. I know that he loves us. I know that he has a plan for each and every one of us and sometimes that plan isn't where we want to go. We might not want to take a certain route but we need to succumb to his will. We need to be humble. A wise man once said "Always stay humble and kind." This has been my goal on my mission. Working hard to stay humble. As I have done this I have see the blessings of God pour down on me. A "shower of heavenly blessings" (Dieter F. Uchtdorf) if you will. I know that Jesus Christ suffered for each and every one of us. I know that through him and because of him we will be saved IF and only when we do our part by repenting of our sins; coming closer to Christ; applying his teachings onto our life's. I know that Christ, our older and perfect brother, loves us. 
I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church on the earth today. I know that if we study the Book or Mormon we can and will come closer to God. 

Well that's about all for the week. Here you go with where I'm going!!! 
"Elder Maxfield you will be Whitewashing Clarksville 1st Ward with Elder Taylor."

Anyway. Peace out y'all. Until next time form the good 'ol CV.

Love y'all 

Paducah Zone! My arm still hurts from dodgeball last week.

Elder Kliebengat and me

Elder Max-i-field and Elder Burn Burn

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