Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I'll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams

So this week was probably the best week on the mission thus far. I absolutely love Clarksville. I love my new companion. I love the Ward. This week we found 7 new people to teach where I haven't found 7 new investigators to teach in the past 2 transfers. It has been a fantastic week! 

On Tuesday 😂😂😂 so this is a funny story. We went down to transfers and I met my comp elder Taylor. He is from Logan Utah. Same Stake as elder Coburn. He is super fun. Super hard working missionary. He has been on his mission for one less transfer than me. But anyway, We loaded all of our stuff into the car and headed out up to Clarksville. About an hour and 15 drive without traffic. So we get to Clarksville and we think... hmm I wonder where the apartment is. So we just drive to the church cuz I know where that is and we call and text some people but then we get a phone call from our vehicle coordinator who then tells us that we need to come back down to Nashville to get 2 more elders because we forgot them. I'm not exactly sure how we're were supposed fit 4 missionaries and all of their stuff in a, oh did I mention 2017 Chevy Malibu with wifi in it and all these nifty things like lane assist, yaadda yadda yadda... NO WAY! We barely got the two of our stuff packed in there. So we drive back down and shove all their stuff in the brand new 2017 Chevy Malibu with wifi in it and head on our way back to Clarksville.

So our goal for the past week or so was to meet as many people as possible. Ward members, the Ward mission leader, bishop, less actives, investigators and then random people on the street. We worked our butts off this week. There was one day when elder Taylor turned on the light and told me that it was 6:35. I was like... no way the alarm didn't go off yet. He told me it did. I slept right through it. I NEVER sleep through an alarm. I never have. I always hear the quietest alarm. But because we worked so hard the day before I just kept on sleeping.

Some really strange weather patterns have been happening. So on Thursday it was 23 degrees at the highest. Friday was about the same but then on Saturday it got up to 75. Then snowed that night. Yesterday it was a high of 22. Hmm that's confusing. See pics later. 

Anyway there is too much that happened this week to tell but I know that God has a plan for all of us. I know because I need to know that right now with all the stress that is on me right now. I know that God ALWAYS provides a way for us to do the things which he commands us to do. Hmm that sounds familiar. I also know that god knows us personally and that he is always there for us. 

Love y'all. I can't wait to talk to my family this week on Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! 


Pretty cool. Literally. Super cold outside. 

Shout out to Elder Taylor's

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