Thursday, May 19, 2016

week 2 down 102 ta go

WOAH!! What a fast and amazing week.

This week was so great. I had the opportunity to finish teaching some great investigators. Josh is so close to baptism. All he needs to do is take that leap of faith and he is there. He knows its true, but its the leap of faith.

Friday: I learned how i need to be able to focus on others once again today. I learned that the humility cycle is like a heart beat. Our progress will be increased as we are humble but if we are not humble... God will humble us. One thing that we started doing today was Book of Mormon reads. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone who wants to go deep into the book of Mormon. Go into the beginning of the book and take it slow. Break down every verse. Find meaning being almost every verse. You will feel the spirit.

Sunday: Tension is starting to get a little higher in our district. We got our itineraries for our flights on the 23rd. We leave at 3:20 in the morning......... Thats okay. Super excited though. We did a good book of mormon read of Alma 36 today. GREAT SCRIPTURE!!

Tuesday: We had to say goodbye to a district today. It is so sad watching people who you have grown to love. The sisters had a hard time, but i know that they are going to do great. The missionaries from that district are going to the Rooseville Mission. So just above home.

Wednesday: I am working so hard to come closer to Christ. Working to be a better teacher of the Gospel is so hard, but i know as i continue to work and study, i know that he will bless me/all those who study his word. My main focus this week was to focus on others and not myself. I hope i can continue to progress in this aspect of my mission.

This is the last email from the MTC! Im so excited to head out to nashville!!! Man, okay have a great week yall! 

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